Over and over recently I’ve heard people, whether it be clients, family, or friends share on how this world/state/life sucks right now. Mainly it has to do with money concerns and political issues, and while I can’t deny that these very real circumstances, the truth is the world isn’t the problem.

There is a large over encompassing energy of people ‘giving up’ on trying to improve themselves, not wanting to try to socialize, not wanting to talk about the bigger issues to figure out small ways to make change. The reason is that many are in a place of feeling hopeless and stuck in life. Since 2020, there has been a learned hopelessness and external locus of control by much of society.

Again, I am not trying to sugar-coat that there have been circumstances beyond our control impacting many lives, the fact is that we’ve also given up on one of the biggest things we can control…

Our Attitude.

Yes, our attitude to opening up our hearts to others and instead we are holding massive amounts of armor around our hearts. There is a level of compassion for our fellow man when we are stuck in our own ruts of difficult times.

There has been an attitude change around even putting effort in to do our personal work with an overall feeling of, “what’s the point? This is just how I am and it never gets better”, happening in our communities.

The same is true for political changes, housing market changes, and even going to work. Many are not wanting to put effort in where they are not certain of the outcome.

The problem isn’t these very real difficulties but the attitude that is keeping us from finding a level of joy and happiness amongst the difficulties.

It is possible to be going through difficult situations and still look around you and feel gratitude for all that we do have. It’s possible to push ourselves to find a different outlook on a seemingly hard situation and also have hope that it will indeed get better.

When our attitude is incredibly negative then we are making a choice to continue to make the world a bit more negative. There is a massive difference between acknowledging challenges, which is inevitable in our lives, and choosing to take on a life view of negativity and hopelessness.

Nothing ever stays the same no matter how good or bad it is and so it is promised that whatever you are having difficulties with right now will indeed change. Now a positive outlook and especially attitude with others gives us more opportunity to opening doors to the good entering our lives.

You don’t have to constantly be rainbows and sunshine, as feeling our feelings is imperative to balance mental health, we can still take time to look at the positives in our lives and slow down, thinking before spreading anger, resentment, and a lack of compassion to others.

Little shifts in each of us can shift our world!

Rediscover Your Life,

Addison Bell