There are days like today, where I sit staring at the sky and  feeling the breeze. Breathing in the simplicity of this thing called life and yet feeling the complication of being a so called “adult”.

All the lists, the ‘to dos’ , the planning, the fear, the how to’s, and the ego running around it’s little hampster wheel.

And so I sit here pondering and feel a call into my childlike heart.

Now, at halfway through 35yrs old I am well into adulthood and in truth I was never a typical child in the normal sense. That simply wasn’t the life I lived as a kiddo. I was the stressed out, overworked, caretaker that had a calling at a young age to “hold”.

Hold everything and anything for adults far older than me that were, in truth, supposed to be the one’s holding me. And it was what it was and made me who I am today. But I can remember sharing my advice at 7yrs old to an adult that was struggling and I shared a wise yet, simple way of looking at their world problems. The adult told me how wise I was and I could see clarity roll through their eyes for a moment… followed shortly after by the ego that unclarified everything. I remember thinking why they needed to make everything so complicated.

Though as an adult I must say that sometimes I do the very same thing of making it all so complicated.

Yet, funnily enough while I can say I never was a child… there has always been a piece of me that has this wholehearted childlike view and feel on the world.

A person that see’s love without boundaries and that we take it the way it presents. Not needing to limit my love and connections based upon some societal definition or stupid rules.

A person that believes in magic and can see it in the whisper of the tree above my head and in the laugh of someone I care about

A person that see the world in truth very simply.

Kind of like I got lost in Wonderland and a piece of me stayed.

And  at 35yrs old this has been my gift but also at times a point of contention in my world. People sensing this piece of me and seeing it as a weakness and as if to be childlike means to be unwise.

When I can tell you that when I speak to a little child nowadays… they are some of the wisest and most authentic beings on the planet. They share when they are upset. They love with their whole hearts. They live in and connect with their bodies. And the connection to the spirt realm is wired in and so easily accessible.

And the thing that they know that we have lost as adults is that…

We complicate life.

Our ego’s join the party and we take life from the here and now and transform it into the if’s, when’s, and how’s in our brains. We take something as simple as love and pain and turn it into logic and definitions. We turn connections into manipulations. And more than anything we take spirituality and connection to our divine selves and turn it into religion and doctrines.

We make it hard on ourselves as adults. Even if you are still connected to that childlike part of self it has become inevitable with the way our world works that we must make it complicated or it’s not viewed as worthy.

I work with my client’s every day and I often hear them share that the simple solutions are “too easy” or won’t work. And in truth I, myself have said these same things in the past when a coach or friend has tried to point out the simplistic nature.

But I believe there is a deeper part of us ALL that knows that life in truth is simple. The pillars will always remain the same in our lives.

* Connecting with the deeper piece of us and spirit will always guide us

* The love and magic truly is all around us and within us

* That our bodies and emotions give us messages

* Love is what we all desire to have and to share

* Curiosity and imagination create wonderful things

* To live in the moment

* To listen, love, and share with those around us

* That we are meant to dream!

We just complicate it.

But if you slow down right now… in this moment.

And breathe in and out with your hand on your heart.

You will feel that stillness, silence, and the childlike piece of YOU that agrees. That knows that life is so much more than we’ve create it to be.

And you will be guided!

Grab the Fire Within