What if you just knew and decided that you were enough.

If you looked yourself in the eyes and simply claimed that, without you doing anything or trying to become anyone else, that you were enough.

That just by being here on this earth at this time and place that you have a purpose and a mission.
What is you stopped believing that you have to hustle to be good enough for that mission.

You are all that you already need to be.

Your comparing and contrasting with everyone else is simply a distraction and a way for you to validate the egoistic belief that you always have to hustle for your worthiness.

It is a way for you to hide from being fully you and having to feel all that is you.

It is a way that you separate from your deepest and highest self and choose to stay small. Sticking with the same story you’ve been told and took as your own your entire life… Making it comfortable despite it blocking your true power.

Your enough NOW~!

Not if you look on point for your day or if you’ve lost those 5 stubborn pounds.
Not if you do all the things for all the people in your life
Not if you write that book, do that livestream, or meditate in just the “right” way.
Not if you get all the things marked off your to-do list
Not if you ate the right foods today or this week
Not if you look good
Not if you even feel good enough

Your very being is enough!!!!

And it is your job to live from that place of “enoughness” and share your gifts with the world. Otherwise you are stealing from your soul and stealing from others that gifts that you might just provide to the world.

But in order for you to even see your gifts you have to believe that your gifts are enough and that you are worthy just because you are you.

I’ve said it before and I will continue to reiterate.

GOD/Universe does not make unworthy things!

And you don’t have to work, hustle, and barter for your evolution….

That will happen…

But instead you choose these thoughts of “not enough” in order to push you forwards and do some motivation kind of B.S when in truth it is what is holding you back from your greatness.

Your greatest evolution and feeling of winning comes when you are in your highest vibe and most aligned and connected parts of self…

Which will not nor ever has come from a place of “not enough” or lack of worthiness.

I could preach all day to you of your strength and abilities.
I could show you all the reasons you are enough
I could try to make you see…

But at the end of the day it comes down to you deciding that you are enough and stopping all the other bullshiz!

Its a choice in how you are choosing to look and experience your life and a consistent realignment when you find yourself falling into the “not enough’s” or the unaligned hustle.

I could try to convince you but it’s YOU that needs to convince YOURSELF!

~Recover Your Life~

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