Make friends with your shadows

You think you’re a “good person”
Aww, that’s Cute!!!

Cute how your ego has got you tied up and twisted in it’s lies to make you feel good about yourself.
To put you above others and make you feel superior.
To pat you on the head like a good little puppy

You think you’re a “horrible person”
Now that’s just Silly!!!

Silly how you are allowing your ego to once again tie you up and hold you hostage.
Hostage in this poor victim illusion that you are stuck. That you are inherently bad, unworthy, or not enough.

What makes you think you are so F*cking special!

And I bet that in one moment you think you are AMAZING and then moments later you find yourself bound in thinking you are ATROCIOUS.

That is all ego.
It is your ego buying into your shadow.

We are always working from a state of polarity in life. We have what we deem as our light and what we deem as our dark.

When often what we are labeling as our “light” is just another expression of our dark. Most have not done the work to truly discover their true light.

Most are stuck in fake societal labels and thoughts about being “good”, “kind”, “loving”, etc.

While we disown these other aspects of our personalities because we don’t desire to be seen as “angry”, “self-centered”, “lazy”, etc.

So we hog tie these aspects down.
Closing off our true power to grow into self and integrate into being a whole person.
Disconnecting from our true power

Guess what!!!
We are all the…


We look at dictators, abusers, and and murders throughout history and separate them out from other “good people”.

When the more we separate self from those very characteristics within the dictator, abuser, and murder….

The more we become like them. The more we tie our growth and expansion up and disconnect from our true light.

Yes, when you are overly focused on your light you are in an element of your shadow self!

We must be willing and able to breathe in all aspects of self and see where our shadow comes out to play.
Unless we are willing to look at the parts of self that are not so ideal… we will never truly know self.

The more likely we are to remain constricted in our lives and then less likely we are to be able to connect with another and truly love self.

It’s not that we should allow our shadow self to run wild…
It’s that we must untie it and allow it breathing room to be seen, known, and acknowledged. We must find a comfort with it enough to be a true witness to these aspects.

Then and only then can we connect with the true soul light within us.

All things are in polarity!

If you are overly owning of one side…
Dark or light…

You are in ego and not fully within your true self.

You are a beautiful human… but a beautiful HUMAN with all the pieces that make you human.

Love all the pieces and untie yourself.



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