YOᑌᖇ ᐯOIᑕE Iᔕᑎ’T TᗩᗷOO

You want change and success but you’re scared to speak
You’re afraid to open up to your heart, your soul, and that childlike state deep within, that is a piece of who makes you, YOU.

You choose not to share your voice calling it taboo…
Whether that’s a topic in a relationship, a business idea, or even being you.
Because underneath you think YOU, are the real taboo!

You don’t want to be “too much”, “too crazy”, “too needy”, “too emotional”, “too real”

And so you have crammed yourself into being LESS

And sure you might have some fronts of beautiful relationships…
A great soul-sucking business or career…
Laughter and pretending you’re being authentic…
But it’s a thin film of a mask that holds in your real truth.

You don’t want to stir and thus you create less and become less of yourself so you don’t become the taboo.

But you know what??
Real is where it is at these days.
And I mean really real.
Not the real where you are working so hard to make yourself look real that you are thus being incredibly fake.
No!!! I’m talking about the real that lays it out like you would to your friend…
Or maybe you’re not even real there? Maybe even in your closest circle you’re not speaking your truth?

But in relationships when we talk about the taboo topics, those things that are us, being our most authentic selves.
Like our feelings, thoughts, emotions, and desires…. This is when we open to true love and belonging.

And when we are building a business or in a career, and we stop saying the taboo/scary things… just belong and toe the line. Then we become lack-luster and lack any true contribution to our lives true work. Our creativity is squashed and we lose the passion that drive us. We can’t be investors or touch the world with only half a voice.

Our fear of getting it wrong will keep you from ever getting it right!
Out desire to toe the line will keep us from ever making an impact.

We have to go out on a limb and taking the chances of messing it all up.

In relationships we have to go out on a limb and say those difficult things and open ourselves up to being hurt. If we don’t then we will never fully feel loved and seen. We will be holding the relationship back from the next level.
So BOLDLY (not passive asides and hints) share your thoughts and your heart. Let yourself be felt.
Stop making yourself the taboo.

In business/career you have to stand boldly on the edge. This is where the true game-changers are and YES, you will get it wrong at times, but these are amazing stepping stones to getting it RIGHT. Making a difference and staying in your true flow and gifts to this world. Thats how you keep energy flowing in not just work but in our lives in general because creativity overflows into all arenas of life.

This isn’t about creating constant shock factor in your life. This is about tuning into your core and allowing yourself the freedom to speak what needs to be said.

Its not about saying things just to hurt people and rock the boat but if something needs said then saying it lovingly but STILL saying it.

It’s about YOU not making yourself the Taboo anymore. About you owning you and then letting others decide if they are aligned with the real you.

That relationship, business, idea, might stay… might go… but lessening yourself won’t help you live your best life!

Your Authentic Voice is NOT the Taboo!

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