You’re C*CK Tells Me NOTHING!!

Men… this week you have pushed me past my limit ?

Lol, okay not all of you but a few of you!
A few of you actually had me wanting to scream and tear my hair out for feeling like I am talking to a brick wall.
How? Why?

Men, You are over focused on your C*cks!!!!!
?You B*tch and complain about not having Amazing Sex
?You sit at the brink of tears sharing that you just want to be able to please your woman at the deepest level
?Your words SAY that you are willing to do ANYTHING to make your sexing better, more orgasmic, and blissful!
?You are craving depth!

But in the next breath you want to tell me all about your c*ck ?
?You want to blame it for everything that is going wrong in your sexing.
?You want to tell me that it’s got to be your woman’s fault that she isn’t “feeling you” because… I mean… “I’m bigger than average!”.
?You want to to blame it on you not getting erect enough, or it’s angle, or it’s width
I get it! There are MANY MANY myths are out there about sex.
I share…I explain…I share again…I explain things again…
I listen, I try to calm your c*ck worries…
Then I share…I explain…I share again….I explain things again…

Because if you want to CHOOSE to listen to your bulls*t excuses for why your sex life sucks then keep on keeping on!

The truth is….
Your length
Your width
If you’re circumcized
If you’re not circumcized
If you get rock solid
If you remain a tad softer
Tells me NOTHING (or at least very very little) about how good of a lover you are!

It has very little bearing on you being good in bed or not!

And by focusing in on your C*CK…Guess what?

Yes, I said it.
By choosing to remain so ego focused, and in your head about the size and look of your c*ck you can NOT be present.

And what is the greatest indicator of amazing, heart-pounding, orgasmic sex for you and your partner?
I have had men in my bed from VERY small to VERY large!… and a variety of sizes in-between.

And the best lovers were not always the one’s with the biggest most impressive c*cks. And they weren’t always the most erect the entire time either…

No… ya know what set some of them apart?
?How they touched my skin and read my body
?If they were present enough with my body to notice the little trembles and involuntary movements…. signaling them to go deeper into my energy or continue on with the tease
?How when they did enter me… usually after a pre-rollercoaster of orgasm… I felt every aspect of them because they were THAT PRESENT in the moment
?How they looked at me, spoke to me in the moment, and made me feel like I was a Goddess
?How they kept my orgasm going…
?And how they held me afterwards!
This is what makes a man good in bed. This is what takes both partners on a journey into true orgasm.
This is what keeps a woman cumming back!

Yes, specifics can come into play when dealing with our sex. I’m not saying that it has zero relevance but MEN… it has much less relevance then you think.

If you can’t get the presence, the confidence, the dropping out of your heads and into your heart… then you could have been blessed with the most gorgeous C*ck in the world and it’s not going to do a damn bit of good.

Though it’s so much easier to hate on your body and blame it…
To worry about what she is thinking/saying outside of the bedroom about your size…
To focus in on something that you’re stuck with…

Then to actually grow
?To actually step in and make the necessary changes
?To push outside of your comfort zone
?To even contemplate that a woman is looking for you to have more than just a rock solid huge c*ck.
Sometimes slightly softer can be amazing and hit the right spots
Sometimes we are looking for that good G-spot stimulation (which is right past the entry)
Sometimes a guy that is too large can present their own set of issues!

I can remember being with one beautifully spirited man that was small to average and his presence was so beautiful that I was left craving him. I felt every motion in our sexing!

I can also remember a man that was larger and was actually on the edge of too large. The sex was horrible! There was no presence and I could barely FEEL him. It was like I was having sex with an inanimate toy because there was no life to it.

All women are built slightly differently
All men are built slightly differently
And so yes there are sometimes adjustments that must be made.
But at the end of the day you will be crappy in bed until you learn to get out of focusing in on your HEADS.
Yes, both of them!

You want to be that man that they are raving about?
You want to be the man that they keep coming back too?
You want to be that man that simply is enjoying himself and his pleasure in bed?

Stop hating on your own body
Stop blaming it
Stop over-congratulating yourself for it
And start looking outside of the mundane for amazing sex!

Then start focusing on your presence! Your connection!
Your heart! Your woman!

Love, Light, & Blessings!

Is your sex life in trouble?
Do you lack confidence?
Do you not understand how to use your sex to improve your life?
Are you not turned on and orgasmic in your day to day?

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