“You’re CHEAP & You’re LAZY!!!”

That’s what I am thinking as I answer a slew of messages yesterday on my different social media platforms asking for coaching… for FREE.

Amongst the slew of messages…
Four different men yesterday became furious with me for my audacity to not spend hours messaging and even doing in-person sessions with them for free!

The funnier thing was that each of these particular four men felt the need afterwards to degrade my coaching and knowledge. Telling me that I must not know what I was doing. Or that I was a selfish B*tch.

WHY would anyone think a professional that doesn’t know you OWES YOU their time for free?

Your lawyer doesn’t work for free!
Your CPA doesn’t work for free!
And I sure as HELL HOPE
You don’t work for free!

I love giving my followers free content and information! It’s fun and I really do enjoy answering comments and questions online.
But this is a FAR CRY from free coaching.

But truth is the second you ask me for FREE… I want to run the other direction from you because it means you are far from a client that is right for me!

Why is this?

Because the fact that you are asking for me to devalue my own time, attention, and energy tells me that you don’t value your own.

It also tells me that you are LAZY!!!!

By not putting any skin in the game…
You are showing a lack of commitment to your growth.
You are showing a lack of commitment to self
You are showing a lack of commitment to your dreams

Study after study has shown that people don’t value and put as much effort into free as they do paid!

When you have to pay for something then you are more likely to implement and take it seriously.

When someone is being cheap… it is a warning sign that chances are they could also be lazy and so are not willing to put their money where their mouth is!

Now sometimes the skin that’s in the game isn’t actual money. Thee have been some beautiful souls throughout my life that have gifted me with things that I HAVE taken very seriously but I always had something that drove me.

The truth is MONEY DRIVES US!!!

You potentially are now screaming at your screen about how I just don’t understand and how you REALLY just don’t have the money.


That’s just an ego excuse to not respect yourself and someone else.
I could go on and talk about manifestation and how you can create the money… which I believe.
But what I’m going to stress instead is…

This is when you get creative. I love the messages I get where someone doesn’t have the money for 1:1 coaching but is inquiring about other ways to meet there needs…

Online courses I’ve put out or know about
Workshops myself or another practitioner are doing
Books to read
Group Coaching options
Video to watch

This I respect
This makes me FEEL YOU.
I feel your passion
I feel your desire
I feel your unstoppable spirit!

And so when someone comes to me asking for everything for FREE.

I would not harm you and your growth this way. You would not value it. And more importantly you would not value yourself and the work you put in, in the same way!

I value me.
I value my time.
I value my message.
I value my clients
I have an expectation that if I choose to take someone on as a client that they value both themselves and me.

If you are my client then I love to share, share, and share even more of myself. Once you are in my tribe and continue to step-up in your life…

Then I want to give you my ALL! I want to see you succeed! I want to see you SHINE!

AND if you are not my client I want to see you shine too!
But that does not mean I’m willing to drain myself, my message, and my value for you to step-up.

And last but not least….


Don’t crash your entire life by taking the easy way out!

Sending you all LOVE, LIGHT, & BLESSINGS!



Ironically Enough…

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It’s going to be hawt!
It’s going to be fulfilling!
It’s going to be abundant!
It’s going to be FREE!!!

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