What if these are the moments?
The moments that you will look back on and remember how transformative they were for your life.
What if these moments are the moments that you will look back upon and remember all the little things that made you smile?
What if these are the moments and you are allowing the worry and the fear to focus your attention on the stress and tension in your life instead of the moments that are heartfelt and loving?
This is a time of stress for so many in not just our country but in the world. Many are feeling pushed in a variety of different ways and it is that feeling of the Universe pushing…pushing…pushing.
And so it can be so easy to let the energies take us over and overshadow all our blessings. To get caught up in the swirling energies of negativity, stress, and drama.
And it’s not that we can’t be real with ourselves and recognize these energies.
I’m not suggesting that we shut off the learnings of these energies that are in our current world. Not suggesting to hide from our emotions and create some fake rainbows and sunshine B.S.

It’s recognizing that oftentimes in these times of stress and pressure that I know so very many are feeling….
That there is some beautiful transformation that is being birthed if we are willing to open and allow. Even if in the moment it doesn’t feel beautiful.
But today as I was walking from my car into a friends house…
The sun hit me in just the right way. The air hit my lungs in a way that reminded me I was alive. And though I, myself, and also feeling pressure of many things in my own life…
I thought to myself…
What if these are the moments that I will look back on in 2, 5, 10years and remember that I wasn’t slowing down long enough to take in the beauty of the little things and the true transformation that was happening beneath the surface.
The stretching and expanding.
The moments of love, sharing and connection.
The strength of the human spirits and the beauty of the other souls in my life.
So I stopped and breathed today.
I took a second of gratitude for all that IS in my world.
Because I’ve lived enough years to know that everything could change tomorrow and all that I find dear could vanish.
This is a lesson I believe we have all been faced with in the last year but has it truly sunk in to the level that we are having true daily gratitude….
Not just fake words of appreciation but true deeper gratitude.
The people in our lives and relationships may not be perfect and drive us nuts… but do we feel loved and supported?
The job we are doing might be stressing us out… but at the end of the day do we at our core love what we do?
The next material object could have us wanting and desiring for more in our immediate world… but are we feeling blessed for all the things we have each day?
It’s not about the fake rainbows and sunshine.
Thats just our own surface level hiding from self.
It’s about the realization that our struggles often times end up being our blessings if we keep our focus on the movement forwards.
Take the time today to recognize even the smallest act of kindness from a loved one. The smallest moment of positive energy and radiance. Or just place your hand over your heart and thank your spirit that keeps on kicking!
Because at the end of the day it’s all beautiful and all perfect…
Even if our ego’s want to tell us otherwise.
What if these the moments that are making you?
What if these are the moments you will remember.
Grab the Fire Within!