It radiates from your very being!
It is a thick energy that clouds your senses and your intuition.
And energy that blocks your love.

You exclaim that you LOVE this person
You can’t see them with anyone else!
You want all their time and energy
You wonder why he/she gets what you desire! 

You are stuck in a vortex… the vortex of…
The green eyed-monster… Jealousy!

And funnily enough you don’t even see it.
You might see it a little bit but you are clueless to how much it puts a spotlight right on you… the spotlight of negativity.
Even your true intended efforts of love will be seen through this sheen.
Yes this nasty green sheen of jealousy.

You try to grasp for MORE TIME
You try to beg for MORE ATTENTION
You try to plead for MORE LOVE
You try to demand for MORE CERTAINTY
You try to rage for MORE CONTROL

You believe that it is owed to you.
I mean you have these desires, these needs, these fantasies!
They SHOULD be having the same.

How dare they have a life of their own.
How dare they step outside of you
How dare they have interests outside of you

So you say that it’s LOVE. You say that you are trying to control them out of love. You say that your green-eyed monster is just a sign of love. You say that you are just trying to keep them.

This is not love.
This is how you kill love!

Jealousy is how you suffocate the very thing that you are desiring the most and it is all an ego game. It is all a way to make yourself feel better and a way to discredit the other persons free will.

Well when we try to contain another free will we will most surely lose them. Maybe not physically but I promise you that you will lose them. They will distance, detach, and disconnect in any way possible. Even if that is only in their own heart.

The truth is that jealousy doesn’t even need to be spoken. It can be felt.. felt from very far away. And the only person it hurts is yourself!

Instead of seeing that…

and celebrating their success, their life, their commitment…
We cut them down in our heads or we send out an energy that attempts to deplete them in some way.

Yes, you are wanting to deplete this person that you claim to love.
You want to deplete their level of success
You want to deplete their love because they are receiving from someone else
You want to deplete their attention because it is not as you see fit
You want to deplete their joy because it is not on your terms

You are jealous and when you are jealous then no matter how you choose to dress it up you are ugly!

Yes, your jealousy makes you ugly.

When our jealousy comes out in a relationship then usually it is because we are scared and insecure about losing that other person… so we clench in ugly ways and thus lose meaningful connection with that person. We are both with that person, yet so scared, we lose that person in the efforts to keep them.

When jealousy is focused on an aspect of another’s life, possessions, personality, or even growth process then we end up shutting our own chances of receiving that very thing. We totally shut down to the receptive mode. We again become ugly.

And the truth is that we can all get into this ugly emotion.

If you say that you are never jealous then you are a LIAR!!!

Jealousy is a common human emotion that comes up in us based on our Ego’s. Some of us move through jealousy in minutes. Some days. And unfortunately some of us never move through our jealousy creating ego wounds and energy that sticks with us for our lifetimes.

It’s funny… and also very unfunny tonight because as thinking about writing this article and thinking of several people that I have been dealing with that are in extreme GREEN EYED MONSTER MODE! I went looking for another article… and was BAM faced with a period of my own jealousy. A period of jealousy that I only now can see clearly.

I remember reading the article awhile back and feeling uneasy. But between my green-eyed monster and many many other elements going on within… I didn’t SEE IT. Because when we are in jealousy we never truly SEE the other person, the other situation, or the other rationale… we are blind.

Only now can I yes… see and claim it.

It’s something that makes me want to squirm and run. Yuck, I don’t want to see this icky shadow aspect. I did that.. I said that.. I thought that…

And I’m human. And I would do more damage if I continued to beat myself up over and over again for past.

The problem with jealousy is that it leaves wounds…. sometimes small and fixable, sometimes ones that will always be energetic scars, and others that unfortunately leave energetic and physical damage. But it always leaves a wound.

And one of the biggest wounds it leaves is its confusion with Love.

Jealousy is never love!

Not in any form!
Not in any fashion!

Those that we love…
 We cheer them on
…even if they are getting something we desire
 We want the best for them
…even if we are not what’s best for them
 We have feelings of love in seeing them in a state of love
…even if it is not us they are loving
 We love them with us, without us, cheer for them, cheer with them

Love is not conditional and it is most definitely not jealous!

From someone who has had my Ego moments of jealousy
But also from someone that has felt and is feeling massive amounts of jealousy…

I can say that jealousy will ALWAYS push you further away from what you desire. You don’t even have to speak it…it is felt!

Currently I can FEEL the jealousy radiating like a wave off of three people in my life and it makes me push back. It makes me want distance. It makes me not desire that energy in my life. It makes me fearful to step in an help.

I can also say that your jealousy is YOUR ISSUE!
One that you must look square in the face and deal with

Where is this coming from within you?
What aspect of self do you need to heal?
And what are you willing to give up if you choose not to heal it?

Don’t beat yourself up… shaming self won’t fix it.
But facing yourself in a compassionate but steady way will!

I’m sending you all MASSIVE AMOUNTS of…

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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