You’re ignorant of self. 

You don’t see how your light, lights up the world when you are down deep in your passions. 

You don’t see how you are impacting so many hearts! And thus how you are truly changing the world one heart at a time. 

Your message shifts. It helps rearrange. It helps uplift. It saves souls! Because the deeper people go within… the closer to their own soul that they find themselves. 

And you connect those around you with God… whether they realize they are being drawn closer or not. 

You can’t see your impact! 

The impact of holding space. The impact of living with heart. The impact of pushing forward and pushing through. The impact of your child-like energy. The impact of your smile. The impact of simply being here… on this earth and sharing your soul. 

I wish you could see the beauty of your presence when you are turned on and all alight. Even in those moments when you are just deeply connected to self… crying, screaming, ripping your very heart out… it is simply gorgeous. Because it is real. Yes, it is so incredibly real. 

And real is beautiful!

The real high-vibes
The real struggles
The real silliness 
The real seriousness
The real light coming from the depths of your heart. 

It is so incredibly rare in this very inauthentic fake world to find a realness. It is such an honor to see depth. 
It is heart-warming to see a true laugh and not the plastered smiles that so may walk around with each day. 

It takes incredible courage to show up real and authentic…
Heart on sleeve
Soul open
And yes not perfect

But imperfectly and divinely beautiful. 

I know you don’t always feel rewarded. 
I know you don’t always feel seen
I know you crave to feel loved
I know your heart cries to make a difference

Stand in your truth. Keep being you. 
You are right there. You are changing the world whether you realize it or not. You are altering every life you touch. 

The key is to honor self, see yourself, love yourself, and allow the beautiful energy within you to touch your own heart. 

Feel your guides and angels surrounding you and enveloping you in their love. 

And know… you touch lives! 
You make a difference!
You are worthy, lovable, and so fucking amazing!


This goes out to all the beautiful women I have been seeing recently showing up in their lives, in their businesses, and for themselves. This is for those who touch my life each and every day. And it is also and acknowledgement of self. 

Sometimes our impact isn’t always tangible and seen. But if we are leading from our hearts and souls then we are penetrating the world with blessings!

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings!