?You say you want it but you are B.S.ing yourself!
?You say that you are committed and yet you sit there running from what you are claiming to desire.
?You sit their avoiding, resisting, and hiding from self

And if you truly wanted it then you would….
Be Turned ON
Excited to step in

A little nervous…maybe
But your excitement and passion would overtake

You wouldn’t be able to NOT do it!
There would be no way to hold you back.

Nothing would stand in your way if it was something that you truly wanted.
Your excuses of time, work, technology, lack of education, or anything else would not get in your way.

If you really desired…
A Passionate Life
Orgasmic Sexing
A Business that is soul-aligned

Then let’s get real…you would have it!
And you would be focusing every single day on those desires and finding a way to make things work.
You would be overcome with the joy of continuing to step forward each and every day and would not be…

A whiney little B*tch about having to do this or that to make it happen.

You would be saying to me, “when can I get started”.
Actually, that’s not true either because you would be already doing it and just collecting more info as you already DO IT!!

If you really wanted the things you so claim to want then you WOULD NOT…

Be complaining about finances
Be complaining about the time you are taking
Be complaining about it not being the right time


?No lack of money would keep you from figuring out a way to start that coaching program, buy that needed equipment, or working on booking that trip.

?You would be making the time and finding the time to step in each and every single day. NO EXCUSES!!!

?And you would be making it the right time because waiting on your desire isn’t going to make it any more important to you.

So you can continue to lie to yourself. Not listen to your soul.

It’s time to get really honest and if you truly do desire something then get your A** in gear and make it happen.

Step in and get committed to your heart and soul.

?Start that coaching program you need?
?Plan that trip
?Take that time to heal your relationship
?Wake up earlier to work on that business


Love, Light, and Blessings!


Don’t wait!
Step in today but working 1:1 with Addison
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