You think you are angry… and you are WRONG!

Yep, im going to start telling you what you are feeling right now because that is always a healthy thing to do
The great mind reader that can look you in the eyes and for certain tell you that YOU ARE NOT ANGRY!

But in all seriousness the fact is that Anger is a secondary emotion and the great mask of other more painful emotions.

We like to focus all our other emotions in anger because this allows us to easily blame, point fingers, and escape having to process what is really going on inside.

Now, I’m not saying you don’t ever have the sensation of anger come up in your body. What I am saying is that there is so much more underneath the surface.

It feels BETTER for us to be in a state of anger than a state of depressions, grief, or insecurity. Anger allows us to have a sense of movement and passion where the other emotions are lower on the vibrational scale and if not careful can get us stuck….just as anger can get us stuck.

One can easily become addicted to their ego anger. While at the same time we must realize the importance of anger in our lives. Although a secondary emotion…it is still a powerful emotion and one that we can not shut down, for when we shut our emotions down they become locked within our beings and spirits.

In truth we ALL have a different relationship with our anger. This is dependent upon our personality, the experiences we’ve had with anger, and the way anger was particularly dealt with in our younger years.

For example, I grew up with many messages that my anger was not okay and so I had to do some deep work around this in order to allow myself to truly feel my anger…. and in all authenticity it is a piece I am always working on. While I also have an acquaintance that was free to express anger and so at times can become addicted to the angry feelings and this is the first emotion they choose to jump into.

It is a funny thing because years ago I used to work with women that were unable to express their anger and so often it came out in self-destructive ways. Though when they were learning to finally use their voice and feel their anger they often made a COMPLETE MESS of it. They either went way over board or they thought they were truly expressing it but still were stuck in their ego “smallness”. While I have met others in my career as a therapist and now my career as a coach that have become such BUDDIES WITH ANGER that even when they think they are being calm their anger radiates throughout the room, tone, and energy.

Its a matter of really evaluating YOUR PATTERNS! Are you one that avoids the secondary emotion of anger or do you jump right in? And then in any situation that brings up this emotion are you willing to first FEEL IT!!!! (cough cough…. super super important). And then after allowing yourself to feel it note all the chaos of emotions that are underneath this anger.

It can truly be a freeing process and move you through difficult situations in a much more expedient fashion. It also helps you to move through your ego and eventually come to a place of love and a deeper understanding. Finding the perfection in every situation we are handed for our highest and greatest good.

From my heart to yours!

Light, Love, & Blessings,