You want an amazing woman…
A woman that is sexy and comfortable in her own skin.
Yeah, the kind of woman that doesn’t mind showing off the beautiful curves God gave her and is luscious in her movements!
A woman that gives you that “come and get me” look and can be playful in the bedroom and yet has no problem surrendering to her animalistic need for good deep sexing.

Yeah, the kind of woman that really can enjoy herself in the bedroom both in giving and receiving!
A woman that is an amazing conversationalist.
Yeah, the kind of woman that you can talk to for hours and she is truly interested in your thoughts but at the same time can keep it light and flowing!
A woman that is independent and confident
Yeah, the kind of woman that loves herself and is confident enough in herself that she doesn’t bother with petty jealousies and millions of irrational insecurities about what you are doing or not doing when not with her!
A woman that is feminine
A woman that is dynamic
A woman that is silly
A woman that is sensual
A woman that is intelligent
A woman that is intriguing
And so much more!!!!
And you can find her…. the ideal woman that fits your desires in the now and what you hope for in the future.
Though my question is…
Are you the type of man that can attract that kind of woman?
Many will exclaim YES!!!!
And many men will be wrong.
There are many men that walk around in the illusion of what a woman is looking for in a man and what it means to be a conscious man.
(Women we have our own illusions but that’s not our focus here!)
Most men are not in tune with themselves and what it truly means to be in your masculine energy. Thus either not pulling any women in OR pulling in the women that are the exact opposite of that they are looking for in their ideal partner.
If as a man you want to call in a woman with all the above beautiful characteristics you also must be the type of man that can hold that type of woman.
A truly orgasmic woman that is in her feminine nature is NOT going to be okay with a man that lasts 10minutes in bed consistently!
A truly self-assured woman is not going to deal with a man that gets jealous and clingy if she is off living her life in-between dates
A playful woman is not going to manage very well with a man that is a stick in the mud.
Can you say that you truly can match the woman you are desiring??
Don’t tell me you are a conscious man and do things like…
?Send random pictures of your junk over text, email, messenger to people that have not asked for these pictures!
?Send messages to women saying things like “hi”, “What’s up”, “Your hot” and that is the complete depth of the conversation!
?Blame others or even your own body for your behavior
?Bitch, Moan, Complain and be in constant negativity
?Spend less than 20-40mins consistently warming your woman up and savoring her body
?Treat her as if she is pussy prozac or constantly find yourself watching porn
?Not take care of your body with proper food and exercise
You might desire this ideal partner but are you at a vibrational place to match her and call her in?
(See the article I wrote a few months ago on matching:
You have to do the internal work!
You have to dive deep into your own mindset and practices!
You have to make a conscious effort to change your habits and step up your game.
In multiple different areas!!
Find your purpose
Getting in touch with your true sexuality
Taking care of and loving yourself and your body
There is nothing more attractive than a man who is on purpose, on fire, and truly is in touch with his masculine energy and can lead his woman!!!!
Finding a woman to love you and add so much juiciness into your life is available!!
You CAN have that!
You just have to make sure you are aligning to it…
and not making excuses to pretend you are already somewhere that you are not.
If you have to make some changes, get some assistance, and expand yourself then OWN IT!
But by pretending you are already THAT MAN…
You are only harming yourself and you can’t fake out the Universe. It knows where you are at and what your currently vibing at!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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