I was so incredibly tired….
There have been times when…
I didn’t see any point of getting out of bed and living my life. Everything seemed…pointless. My light was so astoundingly dim that in truth I didn’t even recognize that there WAS any light within.
There have been times when…
My sex and relationships were simply non-existent. The bodily reaction of orgasm was not part of my vocabulary, which like in all women, made me bitchy…depleted…and very unfulfilled. But I was so oblivious that I thought I was doing GREAT!

There have been “better” times when…
I was totally disconnected from self. I’d go through forced daily routine of work, home, second-job, home, bed. Socialize occasionally. I’d have okay moments here and there. If I didn’t quiet my mind too much then my life appeared to me as fulfilling. I mean…I chuckled a bit, got along with people at work…what else could I want?
I was so incredibly tried!
I was so incredibly disconnected!
I was so incredibly under-f*cked!
I was so incredibly unfulfilled!
And then I pulled my head out of my A**! It was not an instant moment where you hear that good “pop” and your world is totally changed. It started as slow and then I heard the succession of “pop, pop, pop” as things fell into place. I look at the girl above and want to shake this person of 10yrs ago.
But the truth is that if YOU are living the average American life you very well are probably living in some way like this…
? You never feel fulfilled in anything you do
? You hate waking up to face the day most mornings and dread Sunday’s
? You think that a 30 second climax party is “good sex”
? You feel the need to constantly masturbate, use a vibrator (at increasing speeds), and watch porn to even get a few minutes of pleasure in your life!
? You don’t feel good enough in your skin, in your life, or your relationships.
We so often talk about being tired but in truth it is not the body that is often tired but the soul.
Our souls need expansion!
Our souls need challenge!
Our souls need connection!
In order to fully feel awake, vibrant, and energized.
The phrase, “I’m tired” is incredibly overused.
We use it to explain away and disconnect from so much in our lives.
Really you aren’t tired but uninspired. You are lacking in your dreams and goals. You are lacking in true connection with self, spirit, and other. You lack in dropping into a moment with mindfulness and truly experiencing pleasure.
When your soul is tired you run around looking for everything and anything outside of self to fill. Anything that will give you even a tiny glimmer of being awake and not so tired and constantly drained.
It’s the alcohol you use to bring “excitement”
It’s the drugs you use to calm your thoughts so you don’t have to deal
It’s the sex that you are constantly needing to give that “hit”
It’s the food you are choosing to eat in order to bring in any pleasure
It’s that “like” on social media
Pleasure is in no way bad but you never get enough. Never grateful. Never truly radiating with energy created by dropping into a truly good moment.
We are a society of tired people….
Hiding out from our own souls
Actually you probably ARE TIRED….
Tired of your own B.S. and how your life are manifesting because of that B.S.
Not tuning into self leaches away at your very cores.
Because to tell you the truth even when you are having moments when you are “awake”… inspired, passionate, laughing, in joy….
You are so disconnected that you aren’t able to fill yourself and drop in.
Physical exhaustion is one thing after a long day of doing your souls work and really LIVING each and every moment. These are glorious moments and not a “tired” that we complain about. No! it’s a tired you revels in and embrace as your eyes close each night….
To wake us ENERGIZED!!!
If you continue to say you’re tired.
You my dear need to look at your life!
Where have you given up on self.
Where have you given up on passion.
Where are you masking and hiding from soul.
Because you aren’t Tired
You’re Uninspired!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
Reach out to me to work 1:1 and find your passion and inspiration!
You are worth it Baby!
Don’t waste another day living an uninspired life.