Yesterday I was reading through some journaling I had been doing on faulty belief systems. It was a really good journaling exercise but in re-reading it, I kind of wanted to smack myself upside the head!

The B.S. that had spilled from my hand was intense. As I read it I became frustrated with self for continuing to hold belief structures that I know are not soul aligned. That I know do not serve my greatest and highest good. I continue to write my reality with these few little deeply ingrained beliefs. If I am to continuing expanding in the ways in which I know I am meant to expand then this will require me to not only rewrite these beliefs but also to decide to choose something different each time they arise.
And the same is true for you!
It is one thing to look at our belief systems and acknowledge where they are faulty. There are many times when we are very aware of the issues with the underlying beliefs we hold and can talk about them all day long.
Acknowledging them is the first step but the more challenging thing to do is to look yourself in the face and choose to change them. Many of our beliefs are deeply ingrained and so they require a full reprogramming from a neurological level.
Our brains are wired to those specific thoughts/beliefs but the truly amazing thing about our brains is that they are malleable and can be rewired to new thoughts/beliefs somewhat easily.
I see many people each and every day that can easily acknowledge where they are going wrong in their thought patterns but yet there is a refusal to make the choice to dive deep and change. There is a laziness when it come to their thought.
Our daily thoughts are often on autopilot, and so in order to change something you have to turn off autopilot mode. Which means, ughh… effort!
Because, particularly for those deeper seated beliefs, there is a need to keep coming back and cleaning mental house per se.
Like the above beliefs I was journaling about… I have done work on these beliefs. At a soul level I know they are B.S. but during particular points in my life they will come to life in new ways. So I must continually keep going back to rewiring. I continue to go heal where these beliefs started at different levels each time I face them.
More than that though… I have to keep choosing new beliefs over and over again. The reason that I can acknowledge that these beliefs are B.S. are because I have looked them in the face previously and chose a different thought. Now they’ve sneaked back in and so I will choose to choose again… but it’s easier each time!
So how do you truly make a difference?
Take your thoughts off daily autopilot and be aware when these beliefs systems come up in thoughts in your mind or even feelings in your body. Note where they are most prevalent and really begin focusing in on these points/interactions throughout your day.
When you find a belief system that feels negative about self… know that a true soul thought will never tear you down! Our spirits are not in the business of purposely saying mean things to us. Honest truth… yes. Mean…no!
Once you are narrowed in on the belief then ask yourself what a different story you could hold was. If you are still at the very beginning of this journey then sometimes the best thing is to start with a more neutral thought and work your way up to creating super positive beliefs. It’s important that you can buy in at some level to your own thoughts.
Then also journal on how that belief system is serving you because the truth is that it is serving you at some level. We as humans do not continue to do something that does not serve us at any level. Now this level of serving may be as simple as validating your own negativity but it is still serving in some way.
Our beliefs create our reality.
Go and create an amazing new reality for self that feels good!
Sending you all….
Love, Light, & Blessings,