What’s up?…
Wanna chat…
Why aren’t you responding…
You’re pretty…
Wanna have sex with me…
Look at my c*ck…
You obviously don’t care!…
If you cared about people you would respond!…

This is a daily one sided conversations that happens in my private messages on ALL my social media platforms each and every day!

If I’m honest it hurts my heart sometimes. Why?

Because I am HERE because I CARE!
I do what I do because I LOVE guiding people to more fulfilling lives in a loving and kick-ass way!

I can’t get enough of answering your questions, doing free live videos to make sure you are getting tons of good helpful content, and also writing each and every day to hopefully make you feel less alone and understood!

That being said and I WILL NOT waste….
? My time
? My energy
? My heart


? No, I don’t want to chit chat with you on social media about absolutely nothing!
? No, I don’t want to tell you if your genitals look “normal”… because you just want me to look at your c*ck! (FYI, you won’t like the response you get to this one)
? No, I don’t want to and won’t answer your random call from FB messenger
? And NO I won’t give Hi, hey, what’s up more than a moments glance….

I want to truly connect and help…

And those are all time waster that would be pulling my energy away from giving you my heart and good depth of content.

I CARE, I CARE DEEPLY about helping you find solutions to….
?Getting that orgasmic sex life that you’ve always dreamed of having with your partner
?Learning how to LOVE…yourself, others, and your life
?Feeling good and manifesting all those juicy dreams in your head
? And finding that playful, joyful, person that is deep within you….

And kicking your A** in the process ?

What do you want to know more about?
What are you struggling with?
What questions do you have in your life that need answered?
Where do you need to be seen?
What are you LOVING in your life?
And where do you relate?


Is not just worth my time, energy, and heart but…
These are the things that are worth your time, energy, and heart. These are the things that will move you forward. These are the connections and conversations the people that belong in my tribe are having!

These are the powerful questions and conversations that light me up and make me want to take time out of my day.

It isn’t about the money to me…
It’s about growing a meaningful community!
It’s about touching your lives!
It’s about seeing you soar!

And so yes you are right that I don’t care about your random “hi”, “hello”, “what’s up?”…
But I don’t mistake this with me not caring!

I care about you but I also want YOU to care about YOU!
Care about yourself enough to dive deeper than the ordinary surface level
Care about yourself enough to truly look at your pain… and then do something to fix it
Care about yourself enough to really engage with other and get into that high-vibe joy

The truth is I care about myself and also my tribe enough to not waste time, energy, heart on stupid wasteful things. Instead….

I choose to revel in the beauty that my soul-tribe followers bring to me each and every day!

In Gratitude for My Soul-Tribe!




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