“You’re safe here”

I breathed as he worked to move some energy that was stuck in my heart chakra. I heard words and the energy of safety and he opened up a beautiful space for surrender for me.

He was in his true divine masculine and doing everything ‘right’.

I wasn’t feeling blocked with him or like he couldn’t handle my breakdown because I knew he would hold me as the tears would stream and the sobs rang out.

This divine masculine would be there.

But in this moment I couldn’t handle my own breakdown.

I had built a wall a mile high internally to truly feeling the depth of these feelings. I wasn’t willing to surrender to myself in the moment.

And before the divine feminine can surrender to the divine masculine… she first must surrender to herself.

I felt it. I knew it.

And he called me out on it.

Yet, he stayed holding me and holding space.

I never did in that moment drop into all the emotions and breaking of the blocks… it simply wasn’t ripe for release quite yet and space would have too be held within to allow it to truly open.

And while that moment with him didn’t create surrender…

It created a space for me to feel my holdbacks.

It created an energy and reminder of the safety in the masculine.

It simply showed me the care from another human heart.

Why share? Why talk about my lack of surrender in this moment?

i get amazing men in my office and while they are stepping deeper into their divine masculine they sometimes get frustrated when their woman isn’t fully surrendering. Thinking that they are doing something wrong or that their woman has an issue with them…

When the truth is that if a woman isn’t surrendered to herself then she will not be able to surrender to her man.

If a woman isn’t in her divine feminine energy then in that moment she will not be able to receive at a deeper level.

His job is not to force the surrender in his woman…

Any forced ‘surrender’ will be fake

His job is to hold the space and allow her to touch deeper into her own heart and energies, and lead her in the surrender process.

It is her job to connect and continue to tap into her energies until she moves through whatever holdbacks she has within her mind, body, and spirit.

We as women must do our own internal work, and then keep doing it throughout our lives, to open up to the divine masculine.

We first must find the safety within!

A woman that is not feeling safe, whether long term or just for a moment in time, within her own feelings, emotions, orgasm, will never be able to fully surrender to her partner.

If you are man out there then know your job isn’t to break her open but to hold the energy for her to drop into surrender.

If you are a woman out there that is feeling blocked in any form or fashion, know that it requires you first surrendering within in order to fully clear and in order to connect with the masculine.

Go within and then connect with-out.

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