You’re Scared of your Sex…
Don’t deny it! You’re scared of true, heart opening, soul-shaking, truly orgasmic sexing.

You swear you LOVE sex but your are just enjoying the quick get off. You are enjoying the surface level sex because it feels good enough.
You get your 30 second climax party and it’s safe!

Yes, it is safe from you having to grow. From you having to feel. From you having to expand within yourself and with someone else.

You’re scared. Scared of losing control. Scared of releasing fully. Scared of being able to handle that level of pleasure and totally surrendering…
? Surrendering into the juicy sensations and energy of your own body
? Surrendering to a partner to take your deeper
? Surrendering into your full depth

You’re scared!
The depth of your sex is too scary… so you pretend that you are happy with surface level sexing or with no sex at all.

The known is alway more comfortable then the unknown!

So even with yourself you don’t allow the full sensation. The full depth of making love to self. Instead you grasp the vibrator and go to town until numbed out and are needing a host of power tools to even feel.

Or as a man are going to town morning noon and night while disconnecting from self through the use of porn.

Never allowing the beautiful orgasmic sensations to rise. Never using your breathe to pull that orgasm up through your bodies.

And sadly the experience often doesn’t differ much with a partner!

Even if you drop in… there is always a piece of you holding back. Holding back from opening up. Holding back because what if they see the uncontrollable you. The messy you. The orgasmic you.

Holding back because you don’t know how deep your sexing goes!

As human our sex is linked to our very cores and when tapping into the depth of that core we never know what we are going to find.

Emotions. Sensations. Energy.

Our sex is a treasure trove of our very beings.
ALL aspects of our being.

So instead of exploring you hide. You stay scared!
You continue on with shallow sex and just get by. You deny your need for sex. You disconnect.

But if you only stepped into that fear and danced in it you would be amazed at the world you could uncover!

A world of pleasure beyond your belief where you are transported physically and spiritually! Where you forget whose body is whose. Where you feel you are on fire with the energy devouring your very being.

AND you will cry. You will open up different aspects of you. You will process.

But you will reawaken not just your sex but your LIFE!

You are scare of your sex… and it’s okay to be scared…
But it’s no excuse to not step forward!

Love, Light, & Blessings!


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