There is so much love all around you.
Every day the world awakens and is ready to love on you.
There are people who are ready to raise you high and mirror all your strengths.
There is a love that rains down from spirit that is made of pure love.

Pure, undiluted love.

Yes you sit there saying you aren’t loved when in truth…
You are hiding from the live that is already present.

You aren’t soaking in and allowing the pure energies of love to penetrate you.

You give your lover a hug but instead of leaning in and feeling the energy, you si mlm play go through the motions.

You take the small moments of help and service from others for granted. Maybe saying thank you but not feeling it and definitely not sharing the love you’re pretending to feel.


You notice the energy of love in the upcoming sunrise and all the little moments throughout the day but you dont see it as God romancing you.

You might see the love but the problem is darling that you have guarded your heart from feeling. You are fearful of feeling the pain and in the process have blocked equally against the love. You aren’t present in the moments and energy that is ever present.

The energy of Love.

Not the mushy, movie worthy love but the love that is in the energy of life. And the love of those around you.

You might scream… no one loves me… and my question is if that is really true? Really not one person on this planet loves you?

Do you know every person?
Are you in their hearts and prayers?

As humans those around you might sometimes do it “wrong”. They may not speak your love language. They may have moments of ego. They may not see where they are losing presence.

But can you love THEM for their moments of beautiful humanness?

And more importantly can you love yourself and tune into that ever present energy?

It’s about soaking in the moments of love that are all around you. It is first recognizing that energy within self and then noting that energy in your external world.
But darling you must first take down the walls and the armour.

Stop looking for all the ways you aren’t being loved and look at all the ways you are being loved.

In truth we are all in a divine romance with God and it is OUR responsibility to open up to it.

Open up to it in the physical and the spiritual world. To drop our shields and allow ourselves to truly feel and soak it it.

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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