Can you hear yourself through the noise? Do you even know your own mind anymore?

This world is full of others opinions, thoughts, advice, and “good ideas” which are freely given. They tell you what you should do, what you could do, what the “truth” is, and point out qualities to either stir your ego or support your ego. 

At times when you are uncertain of the right answer and the right next steps this noise can be loudest. It can often overtake our inner voice.

It can overtake perspective on our life, our dreams, and our relationships.

This noise can take an amazing thing and turn it sour in minutes.
This noise can take little hurts and turn them into the biggest of mountains.
This noise can place the biggest of perceived barriers in our way.
This noise can send us down paths that are not in true alignment.

The noise of others trying to push us one way or the other. Or the noise of our own prideful ego!

Trying to be right. Trying to prove something. Trying to focus on the negative.

Do you find yourself listening to the people that tell you that a dream is too big, too dangerous, or just plain stupid?

Do you find yourself in whispered circles talking about someone else that isn’t present to defend themselves?

Do you find yourself in a good mood and then suddenly changed around others when they begin to talk about a topic?

Do you find yourself in conversations where others are reminding you of negative moments, interactions, and things that are no longer present?

Or find yourself creating this negativity?

?You’ve lost your own mind! ?

You aren’t listening to your spirit.
You aren’t giving your past, present, and future a objective look.
You aren’t listening to your gut.

You are following MOB MENTALITY (even with your own ego)!

And the funny thing is you’ve convinced yourself this is not the case. That you are a free thinker. That all of this is coming from your own spirit, your own connection.

If you are coming anywhere but from a place of love…. then you are not in true alignment with your spirit.

We all can do this and we can all get caught up in the noise around us. It’s simply acknowledging when you are leaning too much into ego or others commentary… especially when the commentary is coming from a place of negativity.

Like I stated, we can all do this and we can all get caught up in the noise.

I can remember a couple years back when I was sitting with a group of work friends having some drinks. One person brought up one of our colleagues that I generally liked. Sure there were some elements that occasionally got under my skin but overall… a good person that I enjoyed. I can remember as they talked the more the little things this other colleague was doing started to annoy me and I heard one of them say to me, “I mean you just must be so pissed at how she treated you today”. In all honesty I had no clue what this person was talking about but I got sucked in.

It was ego. It was group think. And it was all negative!

?I had lost my own mind! ?

And we get the same exact kind of noise from self & ego when we are trying to achieve out dreams. Our goals. Our desires.

And we don’t have to stay in the noise!

We can find quite times to come back to ourselves through simple self care and meditation.

We can tune into self when we see our thoughts being carried away or attacked by others.

We can breathe and try to tap into our experience of a situation, person, dream, or goal and choose our vibration.

It’s up to you to simply stop, see, and feel into messages.

?Own your own mind! ?


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