I stood there in yoga class…
Legs wrapped. Belly strong. Booty clenching.
And my balance was shakey.
In that moment it was hard.

My body was hustling!!!
Yet, I was totally calm and zen internally.
My breath continued in and out while it continued to move my energy and nourish my body.

As I starred into my own eyes a glimmer of laughter shined in them… and no it was just sweat!

There was a true owning of the zen of the soul-led hustle!

Recently the term HUSTLE has become a buzz word in our society and especially with entrepreneurs.

Some love the word… thinking that you must work for all that you are to receive and that badges are handed out to the hardest worker.

Some hate the word… thinking that hustling means that we must work ourselves to death. Thinking that we receive what we desire by simply being relaxed and zen. “F*ck action… I’ve got soul.”

When in truth… you can hustle and still be aligned.

And that’s, in my opinion, the only way to hustle!!!

Being so calm and centered internally with a deep knowing that you are strong and your soul is guiding you. That with a focus on the beautiful energy and light within, and even more so where you know you are to go… You can’t fail!!!

Even when things get difficult and it is hard to hold your balance.
When the fears and doubts in your mind pop up about your life.
When your world feels like it’s been totally shaken
Or when you ARE really working for that goal or dream in the physical world.

You can still keep your alignment.

Because manifesting and calling in all your heart’s desires is NOT about the action but it is about the energy.

And the outside hustle only works if you are first internally aligned to your energy. Because in truth… sometimes it’s fun to do the crazy outside actions.

We take pride in seeing our strength grow in a yoga class
We enjoy the process of working for the sale
We find it exciting to stay up all night with a new idea

The difference between this… soul-led hustle

And what many choose to do is…

These words are where we lose our true aligned and thus the zen of the hustle.

If you are hustling just to say you hustled or with the belief system that it requires hard work to succeed… you’re wrong.

It takes alignment with your soul!!!

It takes the action coming from a beautiful place of desire and passion for your next step.

It’s not that you never push yourself to do the hard things or the stuff that scares you.

It’s that you choose to listen to your core and do the things that are going to nourish your soul in the long run. The stuff that you are being pulled towards.

And then while doing it you connect with self…

Feel the struggle, see the shakiness, and yet feel wholly centered and calm internally. Be in a state of flow within.

And even if you lose your state of centered calm…
Be it falling out of a pose or falling out of alignment with a dream

You fall out and then…

You get back in.
With knowing and certainty
With more determination

And more than anything else with more alignment.

The hustle is real
But it only really works if it is soul-led hustle!!

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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