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Our Vibration Is Our Life!

Do you desire to have high-vibing soul aligned people around you?

Do you have BIG GOALS that you never seem to meet?

Do you want your life to feel in Flow and Joyful?

Do you simply walk around knowing you are NOT at your very best?

If we don’t acknowledge our own inner vibration and the vibration of those around us, then we can easily get thrown around in this thing we call life. Our vibration is how we call in new things into our lives and is what creates our external reality.

There are many aspects that go into creating our vibe, creating our reality, and thus creating our life.

When we learn how to work with our own vibration then we can begin to make massive strides in our life. When we are better able to tune in and notice the vibrations of the people around us then we are better able to know what relationships are healthy and which are dragging us out of alignment.

Also, lets not forget that we all want to be living from a place of JOY.

In this course we will walk together into how you can work with your own vibration and those around you to create a life that feels like a 24/7 all-inclusive vacation! A life where you are at ease and the things you desire come to you with fluidity and abundance.

You will also get a smackdown of …

Knowing when YOU are the problem in the vibrational equation

Knowing where boundaries must be set in your life

Knowing when your current habits need an upgrade

Knowing where is a good place to lean in and where you should lean away



What You Will Get...

  • 3 Days of Live Videos
  • 1 Additional Live Q&A Session
  • Daily Expansion Exercises to Integrate a New Vibe
  • Expansion Journaling to Change your World
  • Addison’s List of Secret Vibe Up-lifters
  • Access to Private Facebook Group (Optional)
  • Course Downloads Not Available Anywhere Else!
  • Lifetime Access

All for $75.00

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