Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Me

I hear it all the time. All the reasons why someone thinks they should not listen to me. The ways they find to discredit me so they can convince themselves that what I say isn’t worthy. Because if they can discredit me, then they don’t have to look at the things I state that make them uncomfortable. The things that make them desire for more, the wounds, the self-responsibility, and where they might just need some assistance. Nope, it’s much easier to find little things to discredit me before even listening to my message! Read more

Manifesting Paradise

We pull up to the resort, and I am excited and can feel the anticipatory building in my stomach. Our butler puts us on his golf cart and begins to drive us through the property as I am struck by a small glimpse of a pure blue ocean and palm trees. I am in amazement at the architecture and the attention to details. We pull up to our Villa, and I hold my breath. I have waited, dreamed, and planned for this moment, and to see if I was able to manifest my dreams. This vacation is uniquely special to me, and I want to make sure it’s as magnificent as I imagined. I open the door, and my jaw hits the floor, and then my breath catches in disbelief. Read more

Are You Full or Are You Remaining Hungry?

Let me tell you a story about me, Addison Bell, when I was about 20 years old. It’s not a pretty story. Actually, it’s quite the opposite, and so I desire to give a warning that this is not going to be beautiful and sexy. It is also a part of the story I don’t usually tell both because it saddens me to think of and also because the person I speak of is no longer the person I see in the mirror. Read more

Are You Really Willing To Receive Your Blessings in 2018?

I got schooled yesterday… and I mean schooled big time! In my journal over the last few weeks I had been writing about wanting to receive some fun and playful surprises in my life while not stating how this would present in my life. Then on Thursday night I was speaking with a friend about a recent date she had been on and how this man was attentive and spoiled her with attention. My heart soared for her because she was getting some much-needed pampering but I also thought about how I had that same desire right now in my life for pampering, love, focused attention and pleasant surprises. Confession time though, I don’t receive very well and my basic instinct is to spoil other people, instead of purchase/do things for myself. It makes me happy to see the smile, bliss, and joy of those close to me but I can struggle to allow others to give to me. Read more

A Sex-Starved Year Filled With Love

I sit in my meditation area and begin to ponder where I was this time last year. I am quickly reminded of how a year can change so much! As I sit, I flip through my intentions that I had written this time last December and read through my desires, and I see desires focused in several areas: Business, Friendships, Intimate Relationships, Travel, and Adventure. Though as I read the list of adventures, it is apparently clear that I had my mind set on some sex-specific adventures and play for 2017. I read through, and not one of the said sexual adventures has actually been removed from the list. I breathe in a moment of sadness as it passes through my body because this year has turned out very different than expected, but I quickly then breathe in a taste of joy and love that I was blessed to experience, which was very unexpected. Read more

Sex & Self-Love

“Why can’t I orgasm? Why can’t I have beautiful, soul-expanding orgasms? What am I doing wrong? Maybe I’m just broken!”

I sit there in my office chair listening, and I sigh in sadness. I remember being right here, in this place years ago, like the gorgeous woman sitting across from me. I remember thinking that I was broken and incapable of having sexual pleasure. I remember beating myself up for not being able to reach that elusive amazing O! What I remember more than that is the bitter taste of hatred in every word that I spoke about myself out loud or in my head. Little did I know that right there was the key that opens up the world of orgasm, pleasure, love, and beauty to us all; and despite explaining this to not only this particular woman but many clients. They will struggle to see it and will continue to strive to see it until they take steps to truly begin to love themselves, accept both the dark and the light, and work through the faulty belief systems that impact their lives. Read more

The Little Things

Do you want to know one of my favorite places in my house? It’s my bathroom. One might find this a bit strange, but let me take a moment to explain. In my bathroom, there is a corkboard where I keep little notes that the people closest to me have written. I get letters and cards throughout the year, but you have to be at a certain level with me to truly make it to the bathroom corkboard. It’s an honor reserved for those that I want their loving voices with me throughout the day and to boost me up on those days when I need boosting. In these letters and notes on this corkboard are mainly short messages that remind me that I am loved and cared about. There really are no ten-page letters of heart dripping vulnerability. Nope, these messages look more like, “I love you. You are beautiful, amazing, courageous, and funny.” Every morning when I am doing my morning routine, and throughout the day whenever I need to go into the bathroom, I get to look at these messages and occasionally will send off some energetic gratitude to the people that wrote the notes. I tell you this because these small scraps of paper on my wall are big things in my heart. They are little things, but they are, on some days, everything! Read more