There is a boat… are you on it?
Often times clients will sit in front of me and share that they are missing passion, excitement, and true desire in their lives. They look around and their world feels boring and mundane.
As we begin to dive into coaching work it often becomes clear that they aren’t allowing dreams and desires into their reality. They sit there stating they want to be happier and to live an orgasmic life… but they don’t stop to dream about what that ideal life would truly look like for them.

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Stop worrying about not growing.
You will grow. That’s inevitable!
There truly is no way for you as a human not to grow.

Each morning we wake up and even if we have the same routine day in and day out, we are always looking at the world in a new light, taking in new information, and learning bout ourselves. Growing!

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I want paradise in my relationship!

People sit in front of me every single day and share on how they desire a magnificent relationship.

🔥 “I want amazing and fiery sexing that leaves me fulfilled. I want a partner that has a deep desire to be with me and that I can share my heart with. I want a partner that makes me laugh, loves the things I do, and that can be serious and yet connective!…” 🔥

On and on they go sharing about this perfect relationship that they want to manifest.

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Let go and all will be revealed!

You’re holding your grasp on life so tightly.

Looking at what you don’t want and what you don’t have.
Tension is flowing from you like you are driving up the steepest hill. Scared to fall. Scared that you won’t make it.
And the energy is simply calling in more tension.

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“This year’s love had better last
Heaven knows it’s high time
I’ve been waiting on my own too long”
– David Grey “This Years Love”

We want the fairy tale romance now.
We don’t want to wait
And we look to every relationship as a black or white
Yes or No.

Are they in or are they out.
We jump from person to person checking off our lists
We search and focus on the love we haven’t found
Where is Mr./Mrs. Right

Never stopping to see this year’s actual love
Never stopping to consider the lessons
from Mr./Mrs. Right NOW!

The connection and love with those around us both intimate and non-intimately focused. Read more

Men. My beautiful and sweet men.

Most of you have so much going for you!
You really do.

A heart that desire for depth and deeper intimacy with a woman.

You sit in classes and workshops trying to learn all the right ways to please your woman and guide her to a state of ecstasy. You aren’t okay with wham bam thank you ma’am anymore. Read more

Thank you for f*cking me up!

Thank you for f*cking me up. For breaking open a whirlwind of emotions and energy in my body.

I’m amidst a session and I have tears flooding down my face as the energies clear through my eyes. The build up of energies choke me as they build in my throat chakra. I kick, punch, and shake demons, decades old, from my being.

Ode to My Lovers

I have a great expansion of gratitude that rises in my chest from our time together. Whether it was a few years or a few short hours.

A swelling of love for the person I thought you to be and the person I thought me to be. The people we were to each other at that moment.

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