When you’re a yes to everything you are a no to soul!
I sat as a client shared that they wanted to be a ‘f-ck yes’ to everything. Every connection, every opportunity, everything.
I quickly had to rearrange my face from my disgust look… the one that continues to get me into trouble but that radiates the feelings coursing through my body at the sensations being created. (At the thought, not at the person).
Then I shouted that I was a ‘F-ck No’ to that idea for them and that it was a true soul No!
When you are a F-yes to everything then you are really a F-yes to nothing.
Let me explain…
The F-yes power we hear so much about these days comes from a connection to our soul alignment. It means that we are being guided and connected to the energies that are meant for us but on the other hand we equally feel the places where we are a NO. If we can not feel and speak our authentic NO then there is no such thing in our vibrations as an authentic YES.

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So… you want energetic o’s!
You hear about the ability for the energy body to take you into unexplored sensations and experiences.
And so you’ve TRIED and TRIED and TRIED
Maybe you’ve had some energy-work sessions
Maybe you’ve read some books and watched some videos
Maybe you’ve been working harder in the bedroom
And now you have just decided that you’re just broken….
Or that you don’t have a partner so it’s impossible
Or maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that energy orgasms just aren’t a “thing”. (Just a bunch of people out there faking!)

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This pattern is growing stronger and stronger in our world and relationships right now!!!


If right now I played a piece of classical music… I wonder what you would hear? I wonder what your take on the music would be.

You might hear a sadness and darkness in the violins.

Maybe a bright softness in the silence between the notes

Or perhaps you feel the energy of waves crashing….

And the fact is I could listen to that same piece of music and hear something completely different!!! Read more

Stop the Lies!!!

Unpopular opinion… guess what?

You don’t have to be “fully healed” (whatever TF that is!!!) in order to be loved or to be in a relationship.

You don’t have to earn love by working ‘hard enough’ on yourself.

You are worthy and deserving of love right now… in this moment… and with all your perceived brokenness.

We are all a little broken and there is no finished destination of healing that we suddenly arrive at when when we have read enough self-help books or gone to a certain amount of workshops.

Continuing to ONLY focus on your inner world actually is making you miss out on your growth and expansion. It’s keeping your from truly embodying and connecting to the love that is there to teach and guide you on this journey in your life. Read more

When we have kids or are around kids, it’s pretty common sense that if they ask a question or aren’t understanding a perspective, that we will talk at “their level”.
As a coach, I do this daily with clients because while pushing my clients to grow, I also recognize that they are all at different stage in their lives. More than that though, I realize that their experiences and foundations are different.
Though in my daily life with lovers, family, and friends. Sometimes I make efforts too come at those I love with the same understanding and at other times…
Well let’s just say that I lose this perspective.
The perspective of talking and understanding others from where they are at mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, not just to appease them but to expand self.
When we lose sight of that fact that every person has a different foundation and thus different neurological patterns for how they process and act, we lose sight of the other person.
Not only do we lose sight of the other person but we close down our own growth process but we also step into a space of self-centered. Centered in our own thoughts, feelings, desires, and not willing to open that view to anyone else.
And it’s a common thing in most relationships!!

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“That’s indecent!”
Years ago when I started down my path of tantra, and then eventually opened my business, the above was stated to me over and over again.
Friends, family, and society was NOT okay with me embracing my sexuality in a public way.
Showing skin…
Talking about desires and pleasure…
And especially embracing sexual energies…
Was seen by many as indecent.
I was shamed by my surroundings in order to get me to comply.
And I refused!
I saw my path and my power and was determined to let it shine fully and that included lets my sex unleash.

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In this life it all comes back to us!
We enter this world alone and with a unique path and purpose.
And while others often walk with us on the journey at the end of the day this life is ours alone. These other path walkers are part of our purpose and our guides if we choose to accept them.
Though this entire life comes back to the world first within each of us.
We can only love, and connect at the level to which we have loved, and connected with ourselves. We can only grow and expand by first touching base within and noticing the alignment required.
Each and every one of us can go out and live and love from our most authentic selves and we will still at times be misunderstood.

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Raya: “The world’s broken. You can’t trust anyone.” Sisu: “Maybe it’s broken because you don’t trust anyone.”
-Disney’s “Raya & The Last Dragon”

I sat watching this movie in the theatre with some of my favorite munchkins (aka kids).
I watched as the story evolved into a story about trust and conversely a lack of trust in this dystopian land. The way to saving their world came down to trusting those around them.

As the characters stated the above quote…
It really rang true to my heart…

For our society as a whole right now but even more so, for the the state of our personal relationships. Read more

Athena and the Ever Lasting Love Lessons
The last few days I’ve been pretty quiet… not just on social media but just quiet even in my life. Contemplative.
The other day I said good bye to one of my best friends. In truth I had to make the hard decision to end her life because of the life I saw her living. This friends name was Athena and she was my childhood cat, that I had for 18yrs.
Yes, she was just a cat but she and I were a team in many ways and she saw me through many life stages and difficulties.
So in the grieving process I’m been thinking of the lessons I learned from this beautiful heart-centered little soul. And while there are so many lessons… the main is LOVE.
Love is ever-lasting and never wasted.

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