“You’re safe here”

I breathed as he worked to move some energy that was stuck in my heart chakra. I heard words and the energy of safety and he opened up a beautiful space for surrender for me.

He was in his true divine masculine and doing everything ‘right’.

I wasn’t feeling blocked with him or like he couldn’t handle my breakdown because I knew he would hold me as the tears would stream and the sobs rang out.

This divine masculine would be there.

But in this moment I couldn’t handle my own breakdown.

I had built a wall a mile high internally to truly feeling the depth of these feelings. I wasn’t willing to surrender to myself in the moment.

And before the divine feminine can surrender to the divine masculine… she first must surrender to herself.

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Maybe you’re wrong about your sex…
Ladies, many of you have bought this idea that you have a pleasure ceiling…
“I have a low sex drive”, “I’m not orgasmic”, “I just don’t like sex”, “I’m not sensual/sexual”, etc.
Many sit believing they have reached their peak in their sexuality, and more than even their sexuality but the level of passion and pleasure they can experience.
The fact is… you are right because you’ve decided.
Talking about the blocks to our sex lead us straight back to the pleasure blocks in our lives as a whole.
In truth, I care very little HOW much sex you are having, in what position, what kind of preferences you have, etc.
The real meat of the issue is not this surface level aspects of your sex.

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Thank you for my story!
After some business calls today, I sat enjoying nature and breathing in LIFE.
The entirety of the beautiful, crazy, exciting, and sometimes scary pieces that make up life.
While I was pondering this crazy little thing called life, I sat thinking about my story. It’s often that I can minimize and forget how very powerful my life and the stories wrapped within my life have been.
I think it’s pretty natural that once we haver climbed a particular mountain, it just don’t seem so big anymore. While we might stop and think about that time we rarely give ourselves the true credit for the strength and inner fire that it took to get through.
While others might wonder how we could overcome such a time or they disregard it since it is not their experience. We often get placed on a pedestal or dismissed by our fellow man.

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You are constantly defining self…
But what is your definition.
In daily human speech you use the words “I AM” more times that you might realize.
Meaning you are defining yourself over and over again throughout the day.
Owning who you are and planting a stake in that claim.
😳😳But what are you choosing to own? 🤭🤭
Are you owning your beautiful abundant self?
Your fire and passion?
Your core of light and love?
Or are you owning the things that are dragging you down?
The things that others have boxed you into or used to define you? And then you in turn took on as a ‘piece of you’?

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It is seeping slowly into our lives and thus our relationships
Killing our ability to grow and connect.

What is this ‘thing’ crashing our relationships?
Cancel culture.

Now, this in truth is not a new concept and its seen throughout our histories. When society starts deeming things and people not fit to be a part.

This creates a Group think dynamic and people always get hurt.
Let’s remember the Holocaust
or Japanese Internment Camps
And other atrocities of group think and cancelling people and ideas. Read more

When you realize Instagram is mirroring relationships…
Over a week ago my Instagram account was deactivated. All I received in notification was that supposedly somewhere/somehow I broke a community standard.
What standard?
I have no idea and even in going about the process of trying to restore my account I have not been given a true understanding of what I have done to offend the Instagram kings.
Though in not knowing what I did… this makes it where when I get my account reactivated that I will inevitably be walking on social media eggshells trying to make assumptions. I will be trying to fix something that is unknown.
And it got me thinking about the overall message they were sending to people and the mirror to relationships.
The message was…
‘You did something wrong in my eyes but I won’t tell you what”
AND “I won’t tell you how to fix it or how to not do the same thing again”…. “That thing i’m not fully explaining that I’m mad about”
And if you, my followers, are like me…
(and since you’re a follower, you resonant at least a bit)
And possibly grew up in a household with these same mixed messages…
Or received them in school, sports, or religious education

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When you’re a yes to everything you are a no to soul!
I sat as a client shared that they wanted to be a ‘f-ck yes’ to everything. Every connection, every opportunity, everything.
I quickly had to rearrange my face from my disgust look… the one that continues to get me into trouble but that radiates the feelings coursing through my body at the sensations being created. (At the thought, not at the person).
Then I shouted that I was a ‘F-ck No’ to that idea for them and that it was a true soul No!
When you are a F-yes to everything then you are really a F-yes to nothing.
Let me explain…
The F-yes power we hear so much about these days comes from a connection to our soul alignment. It means that we are being guided and connected to the energies that are meant for us but on the other hand we equally feel the places where we are a NO. If we can not feel and speak our authentic NO then there is no such thing in our vibrations as an authentic YES.

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So… you want energetic o’s!
You hear about the ability for the energy body to take you into unexplored sensations and experiences.
And so you’ve TRIED and TRIED and TRIED
Maybe you’ve had some energy-work sessions
Maybe you’ve read some books and watched some videos
Maybe you’ve been working harder in the bedroom
And now you have just decided that you’re just broken….
Or that you don’t have a partner so it’s impossible
Or maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that energy orgasms just aren’t a “thing”. (Just a bunch of people out there faking!)

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This pattern is growing stronger and stronger in our world and relationships right now!!!


If right now I played a piece of classical music… I wonder what you would hear? I wonder what your take on the music would be.

You might hear a sadness and darkness in the violins.

Maybe a bright softness in the silence between the notes

Or perhaps you feel the energy of waves crashing….

And the fact is I could listen to that same piece of music and hear something completely different!!! Read more