Shout Out’s


“I have felt so much energy moving in me this week and am still blown away by the dramatic sensations I have had since my session. Addison has a natural talent in sensing energetic patterns and working with them in a gentle non-threatening way.”

— Tom, Frisco

” Addison Bell is a uniquely gifted and skilled practitioner and coach. I have been blessed to work with her numerous times and always look forward to our next session. I strongly suggest anyone looking for a dynamic energetic session to explore her services.It is an honor to have her in our healing community here in Dallas “

–Kendal Williams, Sex & Relationship Coach

“Addison Bell is a Goddess! I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a “Double Goddess” session with Addison. I was the recipient of 90 minutes of pure magic. Addison and her partner guided their hands over my body in a perfectly choreographed symphony. My muscle tightness melted away with their coordinated rhythmic movements. Thank you Addison!”

–Jay, Dallas

“Amazing .. simply amazing,  when I first heard of the sessions I was a little sceptical of the results. My thinking was “why do i need this?. How could this help me? ” With coaching it has bought my entire  life to a completely different level.”

–Neil, Dallas

” Simply beautiful energy! Addison has a soft and healing touch. Her beauty runs far deeper than the skin as you can feel her heart and soul in the True Tantra sessions she offers.”

–Renee, Dallas