Three Specials to Awaken this Spring! 

Spring Bathing Ceremony


Are You Looking For A Way to Arouse Your Senses, Cleanse Your Aura and Ignite Your Life Expression?
Tantra is the art of weaving all of life together in seeing the divinity in all things. Especially the body! 

Tantra is a highly ritualistic life expression and thus the reason why  such rituals as the Tantric Bathing Ceremony is vital to one’s whole being transformation and awareness.

The Tantric Cleanse is such an important ceremony due to the Tantra belief that the body is a sacred temple. This is why it is treated with such reverence and honor in all things. It is this belief that is the foundation of why tantric touch is the most encompassing, leaving no part of the body untouched if even in the smallest fashion. Through presence, adoration, and respect we can align with bliss. Tantra teaches us that the body is not to be ignored but, instead is a vital aspect to the life experience and through embracing its desires we can further understand our soul and set our spirits free so that we can transform and expand into our highest possible good.

The bathing ceremony is linked to washing away illusions of the ego. We are all divine beings and symbolically in the tantric bath ceremony, all illusion is washed away and removed allowing us to enter into a new life where we can open to great opportunities that we choose to call into manifestation in the ceremony. The reverence and respect used in this sensual session is a way of treating you as a divine being. This is truly a holy experience and when it is followed by a tantric massage, you will find yourself embracing your highest and truest nature.

Such ceremonies can be used to deepen intimacy, heighten experience and awareness, detoxify the whole being through the uses of ayurveda as well as awaken the soul through the internal processing work and experiential exercises that are done. This is a must do experience for anyone desiring spiritual growth that will encompass every level of their being.

*For more information on availability of Tantric Bathing Ceremony please fill out APPLICATION HERE.

*This is a spiritual ritual bathing ceremony where you disrobe down to undergarments. There is no sexual touching in the bathing ceremony. You will be guided through a deep meditational cord ceremony and washed clean from the cords that restrict you.

**Tantric Cleansing & Cord Cutting Sessions available and limited

Cost for 1.5hr Bathing Ceremony is $250

Back to the Heart Energywork Package (4 Sessions)


Are you brave enough to drop into your heart space? To expand your energy out and renew for the remainder of this year?

This is a 4 session Tantric Energywork package, developed to open and clear your energy system but especially focused on energizing your heart space.

Each package includes 4 Energywork sessions that are 40-60mins. Each session we will collaborate energetically awaken to with your source of power, sexuality, and communication?

Clearing your systems of the heaviness that has been holding you back, instead using this tantric energywork process to call in love, relationships, and more a positive electricity into your life.

Session 1– Opening Base Tantric Energy

Session 2- Tuning into the Heart Space

Session 3- Connecting your Heart, Sex, and Spirit

Session 4- Integration of New Energy Base

4 Tantric Energywork Sessions for $425

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Slashed Spring Consultation Fee


In order to guide more people to reawaken this Spring…

All Consultations are reduced to $50 are are required for both the above Bathing Ceremony &  Heart Energy Package

Spring is a wonderful time of growth and blooming in nature and it is also a wonderful time to commit to doing your personal growth. Allowing a deeper feeling of freshness as you prep for the heights of the year!

These offers are valid from April 1- May 30th

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