Let me tell you a little story!
A story from years ago that I now laugh at…
I’m in a little airport in the Dominican Republic on my way home from a beautiful relaxing girls weekend with my friend. The trip was wonderful and I am sad to be leaving. As we stand in line to go through TSA we are having some great conversation and prepared for a laidback ride home. I place my bags on the belt and take off my shoes and wait to be ushered through the scanners. I walk through with no problem but see my bag being carried away and am asked to follow. I am asked if I have anything sharp or hazardous and I reply ‘no’ as they begin unzipping the suitcase. All of a sudden my eyes fall upon a little black pouch I have in the bag and I feel like I am going to be sick!

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Affairs are nasty.

Both parties hurt, feel shame, fear and anger.

Fingers are pointed. Names are called and the relationship feel’s lost.

But, what if it did not have to be this way?

What if you could move forward together and access deeper levels of intimacy and learn better communication and strategies to heal and prevent affairs from wrecking havoc in your love life?

Would you be willing to explore the possibilities?

During Affair Recovery VIP Day you will get to dive deep into an intensive experience of healing and recovery.

Our Goals will be:

 GOAL 1: Individual Healing –
Understanding Personal Healing and Sorting through Emotional Problems

The first section is all about you.
” When people are affected by infidelity, their first instincts are to look for reasons that the affairs happened. They want to know the details of the affairs. They want to know why their loved ones did what they did. They want to know if they will ever be able to trust their partners again.
This is what I call “externalizing.” Externalizing means that people are looking outside of themselves for answers to emotional issues that are happening within them. When you first start working on your relationship after an affair, the first thing you need to do is look within yourself.”  – ( Dr. Savannah Ellis Infidelity Recovery Coach, Author, & Educator)

GOAL 2: Healing As a Couple –
Working Together to Identify and Resolve Key Issues

After you do some work on your own reactions to this difficult experience, you will start to look more closely at the way you and your partner function as a couple.
This is a critical component in your healing process. After infidelity, communication becomes incredibly strained. But if you don’t communicate, you can never heal and you can never build your relationship into something that is beautiful and rewarding. Communication is the key to every good relationship.
We will also examine the seven critical dimensions to a good relationship.

GOAL 3: Negotiating a Renewed Relationship –
Understanding How to Rebuild and Sustain a New, Trust-filled Partnership

Once you learn how to talk to one another again, learn how to renegotiate your relationship.
This VIP Day can be a stand alone recovery day to get you off to the right start to healing or it can be a perfect introduction to my intensive coaching program for couples where you can do deeper work and keep yourselves on pace for success. It can also be a fantastic refresher for those who have gone through the coaching program.
It will require time, focus and commitment to self and each other.
But isn’t saving your relationship worth that investment?

Kendal, what if I am no longer with the partner that cheated on me or me on them? Or what if I am single or my partner cannot or is unwilling to attend? Should I still come?

Great Questions! Yes you should come. This VIP day will help you to break old patterns and release pain and anger from old relationships so that you can fully enjoy a new relationship with your new partner without the old baggage creeping in causing issues that are not really there.
If for any reason, your current partner cannot make the workshop or does not want, know that the skills that you will learn in this day will benefit the healing and transformation of your relationship allowing you to access levels of communication, trust and love that you could not before.

ONLY $249 Per Couple

Open to Single’s As Well – If Your in a relationship and want to heal but your partner cannot make the class or is currently not interested but your looking for tools. You are welcome to join! – $179/single’s



This is When Women Fake Orgasms The Most- Addison’s Notes

This is When Women Fake Orgasms The Most

by Kendal Williams (featured on Consumer Health Digest)

“There I stand looking in the mirror as I brush my teeth. I am noticing how frumpy I look and exhausted I feel at this hour but, even more so I find myself frustrated and overwhelmed with the thoughts of everything that I had needed to get taken care of and never found the time for that will now move to my things to do list tomorrow. My husband walks in the bathroom behind me saying something that I cannot really hear over the brushing and swishing of my oral care. I spit in the sink and ask him what he said. He rattles something back about the day and shutting down the house for bed. I pick up a washcloth and bend over to wash my face, my husband comes up behind me, grabs hold of my hips and squeezes, then slaps my bottom and gives me a look.

I can tell that he wants sex. Lord, I don’t! My body is tired and my mind is wandering and stressed about the day to come. I feel no turn on in this moment but look at my husband as he pulls his underwear off and gets into bed. Suddenly I feel like I need to do this one last chore of the day and “take care of his needs.” I figure that if I go along with it, even act like I am into it or want it that he will come a little quicker and I can be asleep in the next 15 minutes or so. Continue reading…

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Fierce Female Friendships

Featured on Elephant Journal

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” ~ William Shakespeare


It’s been a fantastic few days, and my heart is overflowing in many ways.

I hold memories from this vacation that will always be dear to my heart. However, as I sit here on the airplane, all of the struggles and daily life nuances that I was able to forget come rushing back as we lose contact with the beautiful energy of Punta Cana.

I look over at my friend, and our simple, hysterically funny conversation quickly becomes serious. I look into her eyes, which are holding an openness I can’t express, and my heart spills out all over the plane. My tongue has been set free, and I am talking a mile a minute as she simply holds space for my insecurities, my fears, and the pain that has been buried deep down in my heart.

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Balancing Gratitude & Pain

I am sitting in my car in rush hour traffic when I feel it happen. I am listening to music and a song that always touches my heart comes on over the speakers, and I just feel tears start rolling down my cheeks. I am thankful that I’m in traffic and not really moving because the tears come faster and overtake my vision. The tears are a release of sadness, anger, hope, and disappointment; they are also releasing of energy that was never mine to begin with, energy that I picked up throughout the day. I let the tears roll down my face, leaving glistening wet stripes covering my cheeks and a puddle of collected tears on my shirt. I don’t try to brush them away. All of a sudden a feeling of frustration with myself overcomes me because although I am experiencing all these emotions, I am also feeling very grateful for my life. I have had some amazing sessions this week, had some heartfelt moments, great sex, and a list of about a million other little blessings that transpired over the week.

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