You want to feel the power of energy flowing through your veins in an orgasmic manner!

Desire to feel as you body is overcome with sensations!

Crave to find healing from the blocks and holdbacks of your past that have manifested into dis-ease, tension, and constriction in your body!


Did you know that tantric bodywork can do that and so much more for you mind, body, and soul.

Tantra is EVERYTHING and the nature of tantric bodywork is for you to connect and heal yourself… not to mention to allow yourself to be enveloped in orgasmic energy as your chakras come alive and clear.


Before I started down my tantric path I found my body constricted and un-orgasmic. I was holding that stubborn 10 extra pounds. Was disconnected from my body. And although I thought I knew what pleasure was I wasn’t in reality even scratching the surface.


What changed?

I began receiving tantric energywork and exploring my body in a whole new light. Through my personal work and the work I’ve been blessed to do with client’s I’ve seen the tremendous gifts and orgasmic changes that can arise from this type of work.


Therefore, I’ve come up with a whole new session packages focused just on tantric bodywork.


This is a 4-session or 6- Session package where we will together explore different customized sessions.


Session 1: Clearing and Awakening

Session 2: Feeling & Aligning

Session 3: Orgasmic Sensation

Session 4: Down, Dirty, & Grounded


Optional 5: Chakra Walk Ignition 

Optional 6: Energy Flip


Each session will help you explore yourself and your energies at a deeper level. Each session builds upon the others and will create a beautiful energetic foundation.


I’m combining these 4-sessions


6-Sessions for package discount!


Explore and expand into the mysterious world of tantra.



 Get this program today and let yourself unfold!!