“Tantra” is… to manifest, to expand, to show and to weave”

In tantric sessions we aim to weave together the physical, spiritual, and emotional. Tantric Sessions are all about the full embodiment of our spirits and honoring/worshipping ourselves as the Gods/Goddesses that we are. This is done through the use of the physical body in a variety of ways. Sessions can progress in a multitude of different fashions  depending on the needs of the client (breath-work, energy work, sensation play, worshipping ceremonies, etc).

People hear the word Tantra and immediately think…SEX. This is not the true nature of tantra and this word has been skewed by our culture today. So I have included a few articles below on the topic in order for you to gain a greater understanding of this practice.

Tantra is weaved into all my sessions because I truly believe in connecting with one’s body, in honoring one’s self, and for using the “sexual energy”, otherwise known as Kundalini energy to weave together our whole life experience. I believe that we all are unique and have beautiful gifts to share with the world and these gifts are best expressed when we are in touch with our hearts, bodies, souls, and our energy.

Check out these articles to help you gain better understanding:

Addison’s Writing: I Wasn’t Always A Sex Goddess! ; What Adults can Rediscover through the Toddler’s Tantric Lifestyle.

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