We don’t teach true sensual sexual education to kids growing up in this country and then we wonder why our divorce rates are so high and we are starving energetically.
This is why as adults so many people that come to me having a complete disconnection from their sex. This is the space where someone thinks they don’t need sex or doesn’t see the importance of sensuality to the relationship.
Sometimes this also comes across as someone that is struggling to find and drop into their pleasure in the bedroom and feels numbed out. Often pain can also come with a sexual shut down.

The other thing I consistently see is this acceptance of low level fast food type of sexing and connection. Where it has become run of the mill and roots in limiting belief systems regarding the amount of pleasure the body can experience.
By the time most people get to adulthood we’ve buried so much of our sexual and sensual potential. Leaving many people trying to fill a void but not even realizing where the void is in their lives.
Sex is a core piece of who we are…
To avoid it.
To diminish it.
To shame it.
Is to shut yourself down to being human and exploring your whole depth. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.
Period. End of story.
Often times a disconnection or limiting/toxic belief systems around sex have symptoms that don’t look associated…
Lack of passion and pleasure for life/interests…
Lack of energy and lethary…
Depressive moods and anxiety…
Feelings of emptiness…
Weight gain and body aches…
And much more.!
All of these can be other issues but there are a lot of times that we ignore the fact that our sex is a key component to healing all of the above.
We are quick to teach kids the do’s and the do not’s but forget to teach that sex is a pleasurable gift given to us that requires education.
We need to learn that women aren’t microwaves and require a longer time. We need to learn that men have the ability for multiple orgasms. We need to learn that energy is a MASSIVE piece of our sex and so is the emotional connection and moods we are brining into the experience.
In this Roe v. Wade post world, I’m seeing a lot insinuating that sex is for baby making but the fact is that it is for all around health and happiness in our lives.
Sensuality is something we can teach to someone of any age.
Touch and connection with another is something we can teach from the moment a child arrives on this planet.
Embracing the power of our genitals doesn’t require sexual actions.
These are the cornerstones that I look into the world and see we are lacking in ADULTS. That is what builds into orgasmic mind-blowing sex. That is what leads to healthy and confident adults that make positive choices.
I wish for the world to start striving to put sex and sensuality more as a cornerstone to our lives instead of a second thought when we need to relieve stress and tension.
But you can start embracing this for yourself!
And your own personal family.
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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