Ladies!!! Let’s Get REAL!
Like, really REAL.
You are NOT a Goddess or Queen or Badass!!
At least that’s not what you are showing the world.
Not showing those around you.
Let’s face it…
Maybe you once were rocking the queen energy…
And life has beaten you down…
lack of orgasmic sex

Or maybe you never rocked that energy at all and have lived your life up until this point in the background. Never believing in your power or the radiance that is you.
But let’s face it
You are Average AF.
You’ve gotten internally lazy and unmotivated.
You scream to til that cows come home about your power and your light and how woman are the future.
Yet you aren’t living up to that standard
You are complaining
You are not FULLY committing but instead half-assing your commitments
You are not making the changes you KNOW need to be made
And you aren’t taking the time out for yourself.
And don’t give me that B.S. that you don’t have time
You have the time…
You just are choosing your priorities and never putting you on top.
And you not being on top of your priority list will never lead to Queen energy, Goddess energy, or even a happy life.
You will not make lasting change if you aren’t jumping in and committing and taking actions towards your desires.
You will not ever truly enjoy and savor your life if you are not feeding your body physically and emotionally. Meaning nourishing food, exercise, meditation, orgasmic sexing, and laughter.
None of your goals will get accomplished by burying yourself in a shit storm of constant bitching without any solution focused action and figuring out where you need to change.
Doing the hard work with self.
And owning the power that truly is within each woman in an embodied way that magnetizes people to you.
Not a demanding… deserving just because you said without acting in alignment… kind of a way.
Yes, you are beautiful, powerful, and can change the world.
But not in the space that I’m seeing most of you right now.
Not stepping into self and owning your responsibilities to self and to your future.
If you keep sitting and binge watching Netflix while ignoring your personal growth work
If you keep giving all your time away to your kids, family, and friends
If you continue to hate on yourself in your own head and think you aren’t good enough.
Then you will continue to be Average AF and live and Average AF kind of life.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
You can change starting now.
It’s your choice!
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All Women Can Be Queens!
But Now Is Time To Become Queens That Are…. FILLED UP. ECSTATIC FOR LIFE. LIVING IN FLOW.
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