I’m a barbie girl.

Today I sat talking with a friend about hair and I was sharing that not having my hair and nails done over the last few weeks really has impacted my energy.

In many ways I have been taking care of my physical self in ways that has left me feeling vibrant and energized in many ways. Though at the same time not having my beauty pampering has taken me out of the feminine.

I have had more moments when I am not feeling fluid in my walk. More moments where I look in the mirror and feel a contraction when looking at my hair and hands. I simply don’t feel as pretty.

Now before I get a million comments on how I am pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, ect…..

It’s not the physical look. It’s the feel that having fresh hair and nails gives me. It’s the feeling like barbie.
It’s the sensation in how I walk, talk, interact when I don’t feel totally myself in my own skin.

And I am seeing so many other women dealing with the same thing.

Not feeling turned on in their physical bodies and so not feeling turned on in so many other ways. Feeling flat!

Because sexy isn’t a look but it is a feel.

It is how we feel in the moment but there are aligned things we can do in order to make us feel sexier….feel more feminine…. feel more connected.

When this feminine energy (in my case barbie energy) is taken away I feel less sexual. I feel less turned on to the things in my world because I myself am not feeling as if I am radiating. I feel blah!!!

I love getting down and dirty….
Camping, hiking, and going on adventures.
There is an earthiness to these moments.
There is a different kind of sexiness.
There is a soul connection.

But the feminine requires this “Am I beautiful” energy
In whatever manner beauty means to you since this is in the eye of the beholder.

In order to feel aroused
In order to feel our most vibrant
In order to feel our most turned on to life

I have heard many people complaining recently with shutdowns and things that women should shut up about how they are missing spas, hair & nails salons. Saying there are more important things in this world.

But if a woman is to feel her most magnificent and her best self she requires those things that make her turned on to herself.

This might be hair and nails done
Or it could be something else

But lets not diminish the power of feel beautiful
Let’s not diminish this element that feeds the feminine

If you want a turned on life then this requires the things that hit those switches.

So yes, I am a barbie girl
Sorry, not sorry!

My question to you today is if you are owning your own barbie girl? Owning where you need to lean into beauty.

Love, Light, & Blessings,

Addison Bell


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