Captivated in the Witnessing

I stood before a gorgeously decorated bathtub. Rose petals adorned the sides while some floated on the frothy surface of fragrant bubbles. The entire room was dancing in the firelight of candles surrounding the room.

I could feel the energy of other beside me as we looked upon a scene of deep romance and healing. The sexual energy was palpable but the spiritual energy of this moment is what took my breath away.

The healing of each movement as energy was swirled and orgasm was happening without touch. The words that were being spoken healing my witnessing soul.

Two souls did a dance of divine healing within this tub

I swayed with the kundalini energies within as I cleared my own blocks within and hit the gamet of emotions.

The healing was in the witnessing of a powerful transformation happening with another but translating to a similar transformation within myself.

Feeling changed forevermore as I watched the session come to a close and the soul dance take its final few steps.


This weekend I was honored and blessed to not only view this transformational session but many other sessions from fellow practitioners at a retreat. We had come together to not just learn but also share each of our unique skills with each other. Our teacher and trainer holding space for each of us to shine.

The session-work was beautifully intense and freeing!

I was witness to more than 15 sessions and received over 6 unique sessions both long and short.

There were moments where I felt like my energetic vessel was out of space to absorb and consume when I would be faced with another session that would crack me open and move even more energy.

The energetic highs and lows all expanding me…
The emotions and egoic thoughts providing a deep lesson..
Seeing my light from a clearer space and embodying it at a new level
Seeing my shadow from a space of deeper love and acceptance
My kundalini igniting in a fiery passion

And the whole time sitting amongst other beautiful souls as they poured their hearts out not in words but in their energy

Loving on their fellow human with each touch
Loving on self by allowing themselves to be seen
Self included

Witnessing and being witnessed.

I was captivated and reminded of the power of watching people surrender into their deep transformation. I was reminded of the power of the human heart to tap into another and open a space of healing for them.

You don’t need to be a tantric practitioner to witness from a space of love. You also don’t need to be at a weekend healing retreat to allow yourself to be witnessed.

All you need to do is to create space in your world.
Space that you drop your judgments and agendas and listen to those around you. Holding that space for another to be truly heard in their words or simply tapping into your heart and sharing energy from this space. The heart energy is an immensely powerful healing tool

Then there is space to allow yourself to drop all pretenses and masks. Opening up to the deeper level of you and letting it be seen by those that you hold dear. Allowing your words to be heard and your heart to be felt. Letting go of the need to convince or ‘be’ anything or anyone.

Though this requires you to be connected with you.
Unless you are able to connect with yourself then you will never be able to truly and fully witness or be witnessed.

And take it from me…

There is nothing more captivating than the witnessing of another human soul!

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