He was penetrating me but tears and mascara rolled down my cheeks 😭
🏃I wanted to run…
💜I wanted to hide within myself…
I wanted him to keep going! 💥😍
😍He had busted the energy of my heart open and as I surrendered into my own body, multiple orgasms, and allowed myself to relax in…
His body hit some held emotion in my pussy. 🤭

💃And as my body started to hit its orgasmic flow and head towards yet another climactic peak…
An abundance of tears began to fall, and my heart was left open and vulnerable as we continued on with our lovemaking. 💧💦
We were more connected as he held space for not just my orgasm but also for my emotions to flow freely.
I often cry in lovemaking! 💓
I also will find myself in a fit of hysterical laughter. 😆
Have moments of fear. 😨
A sensation of love that will overcome me. ⭐ 😘 💞
Moments of complete bliss….
And everything in between.
We often call good sex ‘lovemaking’ but the truth is that the average person will ignore their emotions in sex.
🙏They aren’t feeling love.
🙏They aren’t feeling joyous.
🙏They aren’t consciously feeling anything.
Distancing themselves from the messiness inside and thus distancing themselves from the deeper potential of their orgasm.
Our emotions are an energy and with this energetic flow and release, we also allow the energetic flow of orgasm. 👅
As we go through this beautiful thing called life, emotions of all varieties will lodge themselves in our bodies.
When we enter a state of physical orgasm it is easier for these energies to release and clear. Leaving us more emotionally healed and energetically vibrant.
The clearing of these energies allows us to have a profoundly greater depth of pleasure in the bedroom…
(and pleasure outside the bedroom as well)
Yet, most never drop into their bodies, hearts, or souls enough to fully feel the impact of their orgasm. 💋 ♥️ 💥
Most begin to feel something emotionally and shut it down!
Or they never get to the point of trusting themselves enough to surrender into their sex far enough, to even get close to feeling this greater pool of emotions.
Which is simply them stealing their own pleasure.
The more your heart chakra and your sacral chakra (your sex) are connected energetically during sex, the more likely you are to experience higher levels of orgasm…
Such as an emotional, energetic, and full body o’s. 🔥 💥 💖
But more than that, the more someone allows themselves to surrender into whatever emotions are arising in love-making then the more they clear themselves of all the ‘junk’ that blocks them from having the orgasmic life they desire.
I know you aren’t just anybody!
I know you are someone that wants to be embodied and powerfully radiant in your sex.
Not willing to continue to hold yourself under the pleasure ceiling.
So here are a few tips:
💗Consciously choose to breathe into your heart space during high moments of pleasure and learn to connect this energy with your sex.
💗Let go of judgment of your anger/fear/sadness/joy/bliss. All emotions are welcome emotions and can be moved through.
💗Communicate with sexual partner your needs/desires in the moment.
💗Notice where you are hiding and in avoidance of a new depth in your sexing.
Also remembering that our sex mirrors our lives…
And so where in your daily life are your also restricting your emotions and therefore your pleasure! ⛔
😘The emotions that arise and the healing work that we sometimes need in our sex can be a bumpy journey of its own.
AND it’s my passion.
I adore watching as beautiful souls reclaim their vibrant glow and desire for a full life.
If you’re interested in planning out your journey into more pleasure and bliss then…
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