I suck at closing doors. But closing is sometimes what we must do!
The other day I was sharing with a friend about my desire to give a true wholehearted chance to my new romantic relationship.
The funny thing is, the more I try to drop fully into this relationship, the more ex’s of the past and other romantic opportunities keep dropping into my life.
Seriously. If only I knew the way to magnetize every man I’ve ever desired was to simply commit to someone else 🤣

My friend pointed out… sounds like the Universe is asking you to choose. Choose your path. Choose and commit to what you want.
The fact is…
There are doors that need to be closed.
People that need to stay in my past.
And a deeper trust in self that I must commit too
I know what I truly want and desire…
I’m finding enough bright and shiny in my current!
And “bright and shiny” things outside of that are just distractions.
Though, when we look at our lives this is something that can happen on many different levels.
When we start to desire something… it is often that we are then faced with having to close other doors. Doors that will pull us off of our path.
It is about ending split energetic desires.
But often means ending very real life things.
I remember years back when I was working to build my coaching business. There came a moment when I had to hone in and stop keeping a safety net of my other career. I just needed to commit to giving my hearts desire a chance. I had to fully leap!
And sometimes when we hold doors cracked open we are allowing a leaking of energy and commitment. We are holding a part of ourselves held back and not trusting.
We live in a world of…
Multiple streams of income
Multiple dating relationships
Multiple conflicting desires
And it’s not that these things are wrong to have but it is important that we look at if we are allowing ourselves to fully commit to anything. Are we truly desiring multiples or are we just not trusting the path we’ve chosen?
Giving the Universe a complete mixed message.
It’s okay to keep some opportunities open in our lives…
Not every door needs to be nailed shut.
But if you are truly desiring abundance in one or all areas of your life, and are struggling to get things to really click. Then you might need to look at the doors you have open in the background.
Ask yourself..
Why do you want to keep those doors open?
And then it’s time to get real with yourself.
Open doors can help or hinder you.
And sometimes the best thing we can do is to close the doors that are keeping us from going all in!
Love you,
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