I tried women… but I always come back to MEN! 💋🔥

💥It’s true. 💥

I love the divine feminine and see such power, sensuality, and beauty in other women. Lifting other women up and getting to form sisterhood bonds feels so very empowering. 

👑Watching my fellow sisters shine is so orgasmic. 👑

The feminine needs to be loved, seen, and acknowledged more than ever. 💃


✊So does the masculine! ✊

Try as I might… I can’t leave my men behind! 💟

For years I have worked with wonderful men that desire to upgrade not just the bedroom but to bring orgasmic energy into all aspects of their lives. 

👉Wanting to feel empowered

👉Wanting to pleasure their partners 

👉Wanting to feel guided and aligned in their purpose

👉Wanting to fully master living in divine masculine energy!

A little over a year ago, I got it into my head that I need to focus on women. I needed to heal the divine feminine and the fact is I was choosing this from a space of logic. 

I mean… I’m a feminine woman that has had a life filled with  feminine experiences:

👑A long struggle with an eating disorder

👑Major sexual abuse 

👑Sexual shutdown

👑Working as a therapist with women 


Then I realized that I was aligning with logic and what others thought would fit me best, not really where I felt I was making a soul-aligned impact. 😒

I would consistently watch women heal to be left without a divine masculine to support them. These women wanted the divine masculine to show-up for them as the divine counterpart. 

🔥The masculine is in a mass chaos right now. 

I feel called to step up and be a guide on this journey. 

😘 I never fully gave up my men…

🔥 I kept you all deep in my hearts. 

🤫 I kept many of you on my client load.

And now I am claiming loud and proud

💋I LOVE MEN!!! 💋

I love helping men become more aligned and empowered men. Men that walk through their lives with purpose and passion and can still support the divine feminine within themselves and their feminine partners. 

☯️ We are in a space in our world where we need the divine feminine and the divine masculine to come together in a harmonious union. ☯️

Without the direct, action focused, and logical masculine energy we will not move this world forwards. 

We can not spread the loving, intuitive, creative energy of the feminine without healing the forwards moving, strong, stable, divine masculine. 🌓

As many have turned to empowering women and lifting them up…

We’ve left several generations of men feeling lost and confused about their power, purpose, and mission. 


Many of you have bought into false beliefs about masculinity and also about the powerful nature of your sex. 

As a man when you fully embody yourself mind, body, and spirit then you can find pleasure and fulfillment in all areas of your life. 

The fact is that if we want strong powerful women… to be them, to raise them, to support them. 

💥We must in turn empower men to step into their divine power and energy. Neither energies better or worse but an awareness of the dance between the two and the necessity for both. 

I strive to share this message today. 


🤟You are deserving of support and healing. 

🤟You are worthy of love and attention. 

I enjoy women…

But I love men.

I desire to see you shine! 💥

And I’m here to love you and empower you

Guide you to being a beast in the bedroom

A magnetic man in the boardroom

And living your best Orgasmic Life for YOURSELF!

💋Love you all, 


👉Reach out to me to see how I can guide you as a man to OWN your divine masculine. To be the beast in the bedroom and the boardroom.