Athena and the Ever Lasting Love Lessons
The last few days I’ve been pretty quiet… not just on social media but just quiet even in my life. Contemplative.
The other day I said good bye to one of my best friends. In truth I had to make the hard decision to end her life because of the life I saw her living. This friends name was Athena and she was my childhood cat, that I had for 18yrs.
Yes, she was just a cat but she and I were a team in many ways and she saw me through many life stages and difficulties.
So in the grieving process I’m been thinking of the lessons I learned from this beautiful heart-centered little soul. And while there are so many lessons… the main is LOVE.
Love is ever-lasting and never wasted.

When I work with my client’s, I often hear after a breakup how they wish they had not let go into love with that other person. They try to demonize the past and disconnect from love.
They share the belief that their love was wasted.
Love is never wasted.
Love may not be received in the way your ego wants it to be perceived…
You may not get the ego pat you desire but it always makes a difference.
It always leaves its mark!
Love energy leaves a mark on this world and on your life.
Leaning into love changes us because love is a dangerous thing…
Because we will get hurt in love.
Something even more simple than human complicated relationships….
Loving Athena for 18yrs and I can tell you that making that decision to end her life and sitting with her lack of presence right now… well it hurts! It’s not cozy and comfy.
Yet, I can’t say I’m angry for loving her!
I know my love gave her something irreplaceable while she was alive.
And she utterly changed my life time and again.
My ego wants my cat back… NOW.
My heart and my love knows she is better at peace.
The fact is that the love we shared didn’t go away. It’s still in the energy field. Its still making a difference.
And the same is true of relationships.
Our love is never wasted.
Opening our hearts is never a mistake.
It may be a mistake for our egos
But it is never a mistake for our souls.
Love is love.
Love transforms
When we live our lives from a place of love we change ourselves and open up to a higher vibration of growth.
We change the world when we choose love instead of negativity.
No matter if your love is directed at another human that is the love of your life, your friends, your children, your fellow man, or an animal.
Your love is never wasted.
Your love is a direct connection to Source.
If you shut that down then you shut down your connection to Source.
Be brave enough to love in every form or fashion!
And too my beautiful friend for the last 18yrs.
You changed my life for the better and you are
Forever Remembered
Always Loved!
RIP Athena!
Love, Light, & Blessings,