Sacrifice is Life!

The other day I sat processing a life goal that I am currently making focused steps towards. I am excited to call new adventures into my world and take actionable steps to making them a reality.


In looking at my potential future it also requires me to be aware of the sacrifices that must be made in pursuit of this goal.

It requires me to sacrifice my life as I know it!

And while not all decisions, dreams, goals, and desires require you to make mass sacrifice in our lives… everything we step into in our lives requires sacrifice.

Each and every day we are coming up against a million little forks in the road that make us choose between options… each option has a sacrifice.

If we get into a committed relationship we often sacrifice time and attention towards others in our lives and having any sexual relationships other than our primary partner.

If we choose to follow our career then we often have to sacrifice time with family and friends to put energy towards that goal.

However, there is a thought out in today’s world that we should not have to sacrifice anything in our lives and that we can “have it all”.
This is a false promise that false prophets like to make.

Our lives are about sacrifices and we immediately look at that as a negative concept but it is simply a constant choosing of our path. Its about evaluating and reevaluating what is a priority and desire at different times in our lives.

Many of the sacrifices are happy sacrifices… sacrifices that we feel called to make for one reason or the other but they are still sacrifices.

Having children… sacrifice being solo
Education… sacrifice time and energy
Romantic relationship…other romantic and non-romantic relationships
Diet… the comfort of other foods
Innocents… knowledge/experience

It’s a balancing of energies!

And in truth I want to say we never have to sacrifice ourselves… but this is a lie too!
We sacrifice our old self every time we level up to a new level of self.

The key is to stay connected to your core self and realize where you are making soul directed sacrifices and where you are only making sacrifices out of ego and fear.

Often we think we have to make sacrifices we don’t have to make out of martyrdom…
You can often work things out to find a harmony and the right sacrifice for you.

But you will sacrifice!

Its about being proud of your choices and letting your core guide you along the path.
You and you alone know where you are being called and what is worth it in your life!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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