🥺You can NOT love yourself and hate your sex! 🤭
Your sexuality is a piece of who you are as a human being having an experience in your very human body.
Our sexual center is a space of creativity, passion, and pleasure. 💃
When we disengage from this juicy energy then we are disempowering ourselves by cutting off some of the very gifts that make life orgasmic.
And our sexual energy and sexuality is a piece of us.
It’s a massive aspect that REQUIRES LOVE.
We can do all the journaling prompts…
Read all the self-help books…
Go to all the workshops under the sun…
Drive ourselves mad with affirmations…
And at the end of the day, if you are not making friends with your pussy and all the divine power she holds….
💋(Yes, true “pussy pals”) 💋
Then you are not ever going to reach a true space of self-love.
Believe me, take it from someone that used to abhor her sex and thus herself…
💥When you reawaken to your sex, you reawaken to your life and can finally grab that beautiful vibrant fire within your being. 💥
And you will find a deeper level of self-love and self-connection than you ever thought possible.
But it starts with stopping the LIES that you love yourself when you hate your sex… and thus yourself.
Own where you are at and then make the changes.
🔥Grab the Fire Within! 🔥
Are you craving that deeper love and wanting to bust out of the lack-luster, boring AF life?
Are you finally ready to claim your orgasmic pleasure?
And power?
👉Leave an 🔥 Emoji below ladies and I will reach out to you for a quick chat on how to claim your orgasmic life.
The time is now.
Your pleasure is worth it. 💜