Your vibe isn’t fooling anyone!

“I’m doing awesome”
“Life is going great!”
“Feeling more energized”
“I’m just feeling blessed and happy”


You are constantly snapping at those around you. No one can do enough or say enough to please you. Instead, even the smallest comment gets met with hostility. You don’t see all the hands reaching out in support. You think that you are constantly under attack.

When YOU are the one attacking you and are calling in the attacks you see externally.

You have big circles under your eyes and are always complaining of sore muscles and not being able to drag yourself out of bed. Taking a million and one naps.

Can’t take even the smallest bit of constructive criticism without becoming outraged… even if you are the one asking for the advice and help and even paying for it.

You claim to have all these goals and dreams but haven’t done any of the personal growth work. Instead, you have sat on that course, those journal prompts, but I mean… you “don’t have time”. Yet you are watching hours of Netflix and playing Candy Crush.

And your energy is screaming!!!


You can hide and pretend but a the end of the day your energy is telling the world what is actually going on internally.

Yet you sit there claiming that you are doing so much better and that life is really amazing.

Well if that is what “really amazing” looks like then I don’t want any!

Instead, you come up with a million little reasons and excuses

You blame it on your kids
You blame it on money
You blame it on relationships
You blame it on the weather

But you never look at self.

You, my dear, are the one off-kilter in the scenario.

Even if there are low vibing people and situations in your life it is still your responsibility to watch your own energy. You are still the one allowing yourself to soak up all that is around you and insert it directly to your ego.

And your pushing against your low-vibing is simply calling it in at a greater level.

Just admit it.
Own that shit.
Process it through.
And then begin to move forward.

You are human and it’s okay to have human moments.
You are allowed to have moments that you see your vibe is super low…

Because that’s POWER.

Yes, the power to see it, own it, and then to change it.

When you deny it you are giving away the power to move forward.
When you blame it on everyone else you give the power of your life away.

Emotions are simply showing us that we aren’t in alignment and that is a beautiful gift.

It is amazingly beautiful to see and experience the full range of emotions. It means your alive! It means your connected!

And it means you can choose where to put your focus and be able to choose the feel good in your life.

Though denying and hiding it aren’t doing you any good.

Everyone FEELS right through you and straight to your vibe. There is no hiding it with fake smiles and half-hearted gratitude.

Even more than that…

God/Universe knows your true vibe!

There is no hiding or painting a clown face on for God!

It’s okay to feel the contrast and admit that is where you currently find yourself.

You can both honor where you are at and at the same time continue to choose to move forward.

Decide you are no longer available for a low-ass vibe.

But don’t sit there and B.S. me about how you are high-vibing and life is amazing.

It’s better to own it and work through it…

Not saying to sit in the shit

But instead of lying to others and most of all self…

Try to share and focus on what does feel good
Try to share and focus on what does excite you
Try to share and focus on where you do see exactly what you want/desire.

And begin to move that vibe.

You are worth your own honoring process!
And you have all the power to move through this if you simply acknowledge it.

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings!


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