In this life it all comes back to us!
We enter this world alone and with a unique path and purpose.
And while others often walk with us on the journey at the end of the day this life is ours alone. These other path walkers are part of our purpose and our guides if we choose to accept them.
Though this entire life comes back to the world first within each of us.
We can only love, and connect at the level to which we have loved, and connected with ourselves. We can only grow and expand by first touching base within and noticing the alignment required.
Each and every one of us can go out and live and love from our most authentic selves and we will still at times be misunderstood.

There will always be those screaming about our faults and believing we are off track and unaligned.
We could give our hearts and love to each person we meet and still be met with resistance and be misconstrued.
There will always be those that are not able to receive or misrepresent our hearts.
These people and perceptions are not our problem!!!
How someone judges us or filters us is more a reflection on their own inner world and blocks.
While the same goes for us… how we each filter things and the beliefs we hold about the world are ours to hold.
And they are our barriers to acknowledge and transform through.
Our jobs are to keep coming back to us, again and again.
To see where our intentions are and to look our ego’s in the face.
To find our own inner alignment and the things that light us up in the world.
To love and love some more.
To sit and hear others feedback without soaking it all in as ultimate truth and yet staying open enough to hear the messages that are truly meant for us to grow.
It requires us getting so incredibly connected with self that we know where we stand and if those things in the external world resonate on a daily basis. From conversations, energies, relationships, and even menials daily tasks. It requires us tuning into us.
No one else can decide resonance for us.
No one can tell us if something isn’t in alignment
No one can even know our hearts and intentions.
The people in our lives can be amazing in creating a flow of creativity, love, sharing, and connection for each of us to see deeper within ourselves. It can provide the needed energy to move forward and the love that the human soul needs. They can lift our spirits and be earth angels of guidance.
We need people in our lives to stir us, love us, and to allow us to connect. Allowing our spirits to truly live this human life.
But our process of life…
That comes down to us and us alone!
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