The world reality won’t change until you change your reality of the world.
This year I’ve heard and read so much about the new world reality and the shifting energies we are experiencing.
And how the energies are going to shift our consciousness…
New people & New world.
And I know I just terribly simplified deep and complex energetic transitions that really are happening in our world.
Yet, many sit twiddling their thumbs…
Continuing to step into anger and hatred
Continuing to feed themselves toxins mind, body, and soul
Continuing to do the same things they’ve always done and interact with the world in the same old way
and they wait for this massive awakening to pop into their world.
And while we can shift in a moments time… WE must choose the shift and more times then not, we must ENGAGE to active that shift.

And sometimes that requires sitting in the sh*t before we can shift the sh*t!!
So in order to reach for higher vibrations we need to clear out the things that continue to draw us into the lower vibrations.
Allowing ourselves to…
be angry,
be sad,
be depressed,
feel those old traumas,
and even sometimes even feel the pain of physical clearings.
And then get ourselves out of the sh*tter! 💩😂
Knowing and recognizing the darkness and the light.
Crawling and then running towards new vibrations.
New ideas
New inspirations
New activities
New reactions
And new ways of interacting with our reality.
Witnessing your ego and also your soul
Taking new chances and engaging in new activities that fill you
Holding more internal space for yourself as a whole and therefore holding more space for others.
Finding those moments of reverence and meditation throughout the day.
In truth choosing the reality you want instead of the one you’ve always had or the one being forced upon you by the world.
While the energies of an awakening world can impact us….
If you continue on with what you’ve always done and never step into the uncomfortable….
Doing the same old same old…
You will more than likely suffer
Not changing… not taking in the new energies awakening around you… and simply will head deeper into the sh*t pile!
Not awaken
But bury into the stagnation.
You have to push yourself and find a space of openness within.
Find a space of edgy-ness that will expand you
And yes do the “work” as it presents to you.
A new world reality does not come without new…
Growing pains
You must look at your current reality lens
And I mean truly LOOK!!!
And see if this is how you want to continue to look at the world, yourself, and your life.
Because a new world reality
Starts with new personal realities.
Let’s lift this vibration and year up!
But it starts with me and each of YOU.
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