Are they needy or are you just faking the effort of love?

You say that your partner is needy…
You claim they are never satisfied
You swear that you are “trying”
And so you smack them with a label of needy

This could be the case!
They could be STARVING energetically.
There are people that we draw in that don’t have the ability to be emotionally self-sufficient.
People that never learned to take care of themselves.

However, I ask that before you smack someone you love with this “needy” label that you look deeper…
Deeper within self!

There are so many times that we become blind to how we are actually treating and seeing others in our lives.

How are we thinking about the people we claim to love
How are we truly interacting with those we claim to love
How are we boxing them into a made up box

You might be taking the actual time or doing the same actions that you have always done in the past but if these things don’t come with the same level of energy… then you will continue to leave your partner hungry.

Have you retracted your love in the little minute ways?

Things you used to do together now gone entirely or including a crowd? Time you used to take now hurried and brushed aside. Not taking the energy to do the little things that connect with your partners love language?
Or even slowing down to give a true face-face thank you and appreciation?

Once you are comfortable in a relationship then it is common to settle into patterns and ways of treating others. Often losing our presence in the connections.

We call people into our lives to mirror different aspects of self and learn from the relationships. Often when we feel we must smack a label on someone, it is coming from an unhealed space within self.

Why are you perceiving this other person as needy? What in their behaviors come across as needy and what in this is triggering you?

Now the fact is your partner may be in a “needy” space. And if we get real, then you are not responsible for meeting their needs. Each of us as adults are responsible for meeting our own needs and moving our life forwards.

Though in relationships we do ultimately meet others needs and have needs met in return. This isn’t in the energy of commerce but in the energy of simply filling our basic human drive for connection. And when we are in a relationship this connection is required to continue the relationship, if we are going to keep the relationship building free of resentments and negative energies.

When we claim to love someone then we want to connect in this deeper and filling way.

So while your partner in a relationship might be needy…
I ask you to look at where you might be in retraction without awareness. Where you are consciously or unconsciously blaming, labeling, or berating the other person for having needs and desiring connection.

If you are the needy person then you need to do your inner work and examine where you are not filling self. Though if you are the other side then you have your own bit of shadow work and exploration work to do.

I encourage you to journal today on where you are guilty of stepping into your ego around needs. Where are you being overly needy? Where are you judging others needs and desires?

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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