I got schooled yesterday… and I mean schooled big time! In my journal over the last few weeks I had been writing about wanting to receive some fun and playful surprises in my life while not stating how this would present in my life. Then on Thursday night I was speaking with a friend about a recent date she had been on and how this man was attentive and spoiled her with attention. My heart soared for her because she was getting some much-needed pampering but I also thought about how I had that same desire right now in my life for pampering, love, focused attention and pleasant surprises. Confession time though, I don’t receive very well and my basic instinct is to spoil other people, instead of purchase/do things for myself. It makes me happy to see the smile, bliss, and joy of those close to me but I can struggle to allow others to give to me.

Flash forward to Friday morning! I had plans with someone close to me to spend an hour or so just working on some things but then I received a phone call. “Hey Addison, I know what our plans were today but I was wondering if you would be up for a small adventure and some play?” I hesitantly said “sure”, and then I was warned that I was to be in a state of “receiving” and have a willingness to breathe things in before reacting. I agreed but was a bit curious about what was about to transpire. So I got myself dressed and we met up and drove to get a warm-up drink. I went to open my door and got scolded with a “Receive”! Then the check came and my usual move is to grab for it, but my compatriot grabbed the check. This time I gave in without much fight because I knew my job was to receive today. We got back in the car and I was driven to the mall to “receive” some more. I became incredibly uncomfortable as doors were opened for me, as food was ordered for me, items were purchased and I just stated heartfelt thank you’s and was basically forced out of my masculine energy and into my feminine. Honestly it was an internal battle the entire time! One part of me was loving that someone in my life wanted to treat me, was allowing me the space to simply receive, and basically took the time to think of me. It made me want to shed tears of gratitude but was also mixed with these mental programs about being an “independent woman”, “not deserving”, and feeling “greedy”. I felt like I should be on the opposite side of this adventure and the giver! Even though this Earth Angel was giving me just what I had asked for the day previous.

We had some fun conversation, I got a good hug, and we headed home with both my hands and my heart full. But on the way home, my mind turned to manifestation. How was I supposed to continue to manifest the abundance (financial, play, laughter, etc.) that I deeply desire if I’m fighting the way the Universe is providing it to me? It was basically an “Addison here’s your sign” moment!

I speak with my clients all the time about being in a state of surrender and receiving… well here I was fighting the exact same things and honestly I know I am not alone. I am good at receiving in certain areas but these are usually areas where I already have built a comfort zone and they don’t tap right into my vulnerabilities. I easily receive a hug from someone close to me, an evening hanging out at a friend’s house, or a dinner at a reasonably priced restaurant with a lover.

Though the question for myself, and also for you, is: Are we going to truly open to receive in 2018?

Although the Universe is always working on trying to give us the blessings we have requested, the fact is that we have to be open to receive them and open in the way the Universe wants to provide them. What many of us, myself included, do is to only truly SEE these blessings when they are coming in the pretty package we expect them OR we see and acknowledge it being our blessings but the packaging makes us uncomfortable and so we push it away. So we inevitably try putting handcuffs on God!

How many of us ask God for love in our lives… but don’t acknowledge when this love shows up in family and friends because we expected it to come in the form of an intimate partner? How many of us ask for an increase in our financial situation but don’t view that rebate check or gift card we receive as the Universe providing it in a different way? I know I directly asked for some divine pampering, fun, and play but when God utilized my Earth Angel to give this to me it made me incredibly uncomfortable!

You say you want things!

You want change/growth!

You want Abundance!

You want Amazing Sex!

You want Divinely Created Relationships!


Have you tried putting yourself smack dab in the middle of how that desire will feel? Are you ready to really receive? And what if it comes in a different package than what you expected? Will you be able to have the awareness of it being your blessings coming in or will you push it away?

Don’t let your blessings fall by the wayside this year because you are not allowing! This year is a year of receiving and alignment for me.

AND I WANT YOU!!! I want you to join me in receiving everything your little heart desires because I know it’s possible. We as humans can tap into our God/Universe/Spirit and receive anything we desire if we can have certainty in our belief that it’s possible.

Yes, I know I am a Tantric practitioner but the truth is, Tantra is about weaving our energies, receiving beauty and bliss in our lives, and this goes for EVERY area of our lives!

If you want to continue on with the same old same old in 2018, then just stop reading! I am not the coach for you, and honestly I don’t want to work with you because I don’t want people that don’t have the willingness to at least work towards stepping into their greatness.

Now, if you want amazingness in 2018 and want to step into your orgasmic life then let’s get started! Why wait? Why put it off another day? Step in TODAY!


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