Where is this getting you?

You don’t feel any better.
You only feel more stirred
You only feel more confused
You only feel more lost

And it all begins to just pile on top of you.
What begins as one thing…
Turns into feeling buried alive

You logically can look around and see that “you’re okay”!
Maybe you are actually doing pretty damn good.
Overall things are really working out for you

You can find that hope and excitement in your soul when you slow down. When you allow yourself to really tune into soul there is a stir of massive turn on to this goal.

But yet…
The fear claws in
The negative comments climb in
The uncertainty and desire to KNOW
The ego voice of HOW?

Which leads your spiral
That spiral of overthinking
The spiral of negativity and fear

You are in these moments choosing to sacrifice your peace. Choosing to hand over your joy and the present moment. Ignoring the beautiful moments that are happening all around you but instead, you are so incredibly stuck in your head that you can’t truly enjoy anything.

This kind of overthinking only calls in the negativity and quickly will lead you away from soul!

You know at your core what you want and what you desire.
You know what is a turn on and what pulls away from your vibe.
You KNOW this doesn’t feel GOOD!

But you feel stuck.

What do you do?
How do you move forward?

In truth, once you have dived deep into the negative overthinking of a scenario…

You’re going to have to refocus on something else.
Get more general and focus on whatever feels better in your life.
You are also going to have to DECIDE to stop the cycle and spiral.
Seeing the pattern that you are creating and ask yourself, “How is this currently helping or serving me?”

And then lean into faith that God really does have your back. That you will be guided to the things meant for you.

Yes, it might feel filled with pressure.
Yes, it might feel confusing.
But continuing to come back to your trust and faith that it is truly always working out for you.


It’s a practice.
It’s easier to be in stress and struggle.
But with continual coming back to self, to source, to the feel good.
You will move through things with greater ease.

But the spiral isn’t serving you!!!
The first thing you have to do is to calm TF down and remove yourself from the spiral energy. Then and only then will you open up to all the ease and flow in your life.

Stop faking it and start claiming it!


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