I hear it all the time. All the reasons why someone thinks they should not listen to me. The ways they find to discredit me so they can convince themselves that what I say isn’t worthy. Because if they can discredit me, then they don’t have to look at the things I state that make them uncomfortable. The things that make them desire for more, the wounds, the self-responsibility, and where they might just need some assistance. Nope, it’s much easier to find little things to discredit me before even listening to my message!

So I’ve decided to help you out. Here is why you shouldn’t listen to me:


“You look like a baby! How old are you? How can you help me when you look like you’re barely out of high school?”, “You can’t have had any meaningful life experiences at YOUR age.”

Yes, I look young. The fact is I’m well into my thirties with over 10 years of experience in the field and loads of God given life experience. But you really shouldn’t listen to me because I look young and I know that makes people uncomfortable and we wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable. As much as we have an ageism issue with discrediting the older generation, we have just as big of an issue discrediting the young. In my opinion, I can find just as much wisdom and truth in the words of a 3-year-old than I can in that of a 50-year-old. In all honesty, a person’s age has nothing to do with wisdom, things that have been experienced by the soul, or especially the level of compassion and love a person can give.

Though, the truth is that I have been told my whole life that I have a childlike outlook on life. I see the good in others, I see daily magic in the smallest of things, I love to laugh, and know that some of the biggest problems have the easiest solutions. Yes, sometimes, a hug and a kiss CAN fix a world of hurt. I love this about myself, and my soul-clients also love this about me. If you want someone set in their ways, that isn’t growing, and walks around like a stuffy professional with a stick up their ass than you are right now… don’t listen to me! I’m not for you.

Marital Status:

“Well, you just must not understand (fill in the blank) because you’re not married.”

Nope, I have never been married. No, I’m not sure I ever want a permanent ring on my finger. Yes, I have been in relationships in my life. Yes, I have extensive training in sex, relationships, communication, and all the underlying shit that cause issues in the above. Though a tiny little ring is an amazing way to discredit someone. To push their thoughts, ideas, and experiences away. This is one judgment that I see daily not just in my own life, but also in the life of my clients, friends, and just society in general. Like not having a ring on your finger makes you broken in some way. Even if it is a personal choice.

Though if you want someone that has 30 years of marriage under their belts because you think their ideas will be easier to swallow, then you SHOULD discredit me. Especially if you desire someone to tell you that marriage is the end all be all, that divorce is wrong in all circumstances, and that a person should suffer in a relationship just to save face. Or my personal favorite that ALL marriages have to lose their passion, their sex life, and the underlying connection.


“You’re nasally… I just can’t take you seriously with that voice.”

This is my absolute FAVORITE reason why people should discredit me. I mean, if you don’t like someone’s voice, then their message is surely shit! Surely only people with voices like Denzel Washington are smart or can help you.

I’m not even going to waste much time on this one. If you can’t listen to me, then don’t listen to me! No skin off my back.

Spiritual Verbiage:

“You’re not spiritual enough,” “You’re too spiritual,” “You talk about things I don’t understand,” “I can’t buy into everything you say.”

If you don’t believe everything I talk about 100% and actually know it ALL already, then you really shouldn’t listen to me! I mean, who wants a Coach that might expand you, make you look at new and different things, or that isn’t exactly in alignment with all your current thoughts. Then you might have to face change or challenge your own thoughts… yuck who wants that crap!

I alternate my words between God, Spirit, and Universe. I talk about things like energy, chakras, angels, guides, and everything in my coaching practice will always come back to love and how we are love at a soul level. I never expect my clients to jump on board with everything I believe and actually like learning about their viewpoints. If you can’t look between the words I use or really listen to my messages at a heart level, then you ARE going to miss my message and so you shouldn’t waste your time.

Other reasons, including but not limited to… my perceived ‘slutty’ behaviors, being ‘too pretty,’ having gone to “that school,” growing up in New York, and because I am a sex coach so can’t possibly know anything spiritual!

What this All Comes Down to…

Judgment. We all judge! There are no exceptions. Until we learn to recognize our egos and where we are judging others, then we will miss beautiful moments of learning. Learning about ourselves from the judgments that arise within us and learn about the other person. How we perceive others says way more about ourselves than it ever could say about that other person, but our interactions with others are vital to a deeper understanding of how we are viewing the world.

When we judge others, we are, in turn, separating from God, ourselves, and from humanity. This separation causes us to not be able to truly listen and experience the other person. Truth be told, we get comfortable in our judgment, we feel validated in our judgment, and take the point of view that we are superior in some way. It’s how our Ego gets away from having to deal with growth, having to challenge ourselves, and allows us to make loads of excuses. When judging, we aren’t practicing active listening. We are just listening to the words, but not to the underlying messages in between the words. We are not connecting it to our experience. We, instead, are building a wall!

Like I stated earlier, we all judge, and so the answer is not to then turn around and judge ourselves, but to recognize the judgment. Then to look within and see why your ego is choosing to judge and what might need to be healed within yourself based on that answer.

Stop Listening to Me

If you’re not willing to get uncomfortable, to look at your judgments, and challenge yourself to look beyond those judgments, then you really should stop listening to me. I put my heart and soul into my message, and so if you are only bringing negative energy into the experience, then you’re not ready for my message. I don’t want my message to cause any more negative energy in your field. AND I’m not willing to change how I dress, how I speak, ruin my skin with tons of makeup to look older, to get married, or to change my message AT ALL to make you feel more cozy!

So, here’s your chance. Delete me. Stop reading. Call me names. Tell the World what an immature, spiritual, overly sexual bitch I am 🙂

And enjoy your hate-filled life!


You could begin on the beautiful journey of challenging yourself to grow! To hear things that might be hard but to breathe into them to see if they resonate at a core level and not get stopped just because of your ego. To try things that you might not understand how they will work but open enough to give it a wholehearted try.

If this is your choice… Get your ass in gear and start looking at your judgment!

Sending you ALL Love & Light!