The other day a person messaged me trying to give me advice to not share my “shit” all over the place if I want to attract new clients. It was another coach and they were telling me that sharing your personal struggles and difficulties online will only drive clients away.

I laughed and it brought me back to one of my earliest days. Warning this is a gross story….

So I was a very mild mannered baby but the ONE thing my parents complained about when I was baby was that each night, no matter what I was wearing, would find a way to take off my diaper and then finger paint with the contents ALL OVER the Wall!
Poop ART! Art that was made totally of my own sh*t.

Do you think I was thinking about make beauty out of the disgusting at 1yr? No, of course not. I must have just thought it was fun. Didn’t see at that age how my sh*t could be offensive to those around me.

So fast forward to 2018 and thankfully I have found other ways to express my art in articles, videos, workshops, and my coaching sessions. However, I’m not going to hide my SH*T!!

I am not going to sit here and pretend that I am the perfect person without any challenges. The person with the perfect relationships, sexing, finances, emotions, and fully enlightened…. HA! That would require me being inauthentic with myself but also with you.
If my clients desire me to be perfect then they aren’t MY SOULMATE clients. They aren’t who I want to work with in my practice. 


We are all students in this human life. We are all teachers. We all have joy. We all have pain. Light & Dark.

I share my joys along with my struggles because it makes me real. I share because we all have work we need to do and growth that we are making.

This is real F*cking Life people and if you want a fake coach then you are going to get fake results. Fake help. And fake healing.

Authenticity breeds more authenticity.
If I have amazing things going on in my life I am going to share in order to…. inspire.
If I have a difficult time going on in my life then I am going to share in order to…. inspire.

I may be much older but I want to continue to make my sh*t into beauty. And share my beauty with the world.

Now to YOU!

The truth is coach or not most of our society walks around trying to hide from anything that could make us less desirable to others. We cover and hide and run from our own truth. Thinking that people will love us more if we are ‘perfect”. FYI, perfect people are BORING (insert yawn!).

Rumi stated: ““The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

The interesting, intriguing, soulful, inspirational people are those that have been through hell. The ones that do their work and don’t mind people truly seeing them for who they are. They are the people that keep pushing into their dreams and goals despite their setbacks.
They are also the people with the most beauty and compassion and healing.

I love sharing my masterpiece of sh*t!
I loved it as a child and I still love it.

It is ME being ME. Sharing my message. And LOVING IT!

If you want perfection then move along because I don’t want your bulls*t fakeness in my community.
If you want to be a true SPIRIT WARRIOR… then you are loved for your light & your dark.

I won’t be containing and I hope you don’t either! Turn that sh*t into growth and beauty and authentic truth.


Lets do it together!