If you loved them… you’d let them go.
You’d want them to shine their light.
You’d look at the beauty and step out of ego.
If you loved them you wouldn’t try to hurt them
You would not want to see them in pain and suffering
You would not want to create chaos in their world.
Though the majority of relationships that preach… LOVE
Are simply faking it.
It’s not love but conditional need fulfillment.
If your partner is filling your needs then you are in “love” but the second that things go south in a relationship and it is no longer aligned…
Well then you call people names, mess with their stuff, try to ruin their other relationships, etc.
You allow your ego to take the reins and the entire time with a vengeful attitude.
Which is never and will never be love.
It’s easy to watch this is relationships all around us…
When divorce cases drag the others reputation through the mud
When in a break-up one partner stalks another
When lines are drawn in the sand with friends and family
Or simply the process of berating the other party to those around us.
Does this really come from a place of love?

No, of course that doesn’t come from love.
When we truly love someone, we see deeper than the person right before us and instead see to their soul.
Once we love someone at this true depth there is no going back.
We do not wish harm or negative for that person.
If this is how you are feeling towards a current or past partner then you must question your statements of love.
We all have ego’s and our ego’s will rise but true love for another will always speak louder than that ego. Sure, you might have an unaligned thought or two but it will stop there.
If you truly love someone…
You will always want what’s best for them
Even if thats not in relationship with you
Even if thats on a path you disagree with
Even if you feel like they “did you wrong”
You will always wish them well.
And if this is not the case…
Well then you must be faced with your own shadow and blocks against true love. Not needy love. Not dependent love. Not conditional love. Not jealous love.
Real love!
And if you can’t truly love someone at that depth.
Why would you expect them to stick around?
Why would you want them to stay?
The true test of your ability to love is what you do in the bad times… not when things are going wonderfully.
And a truer test than that is to look within and see if you first know how to love self because without an ability to love yourself through the good times and bad, then you will never be able to share that energy outwards.
Get curious about all the blocks form love.
And if you are stuck in negativity and wanting to pull another down then know that you probably never really loved them to begin with and are out of alignment with self.
Go find that fire within…
That love within!
Touch into your core of real love!
~Grab the Fire Within~
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