You aren’t connecting to that beautiful fire within your core…

Deep down into your genitals. The energy that is meant to reach up and expand that beautiful heart.

Those little tingles and moments of turn on in your daily life that gives you the signals from soul of where you are meant to be and what you are meant to do.

That energy that is found once you drop in and surrender. Allowing yourself to be ravished in pleasure by a lover. Where the energy feels so hot, fiery, and intense that you worry you might burn up in it’s intensity.

And that you will crave even MORE. More depth. More connection. More orgasm.

Desiring that earthy level. Desiring that electric level. Desiring that level where you feel held…warm.. and expansive.

But you are shutting it down and not opening the door to the bliss that is right at your fingertips.

Not opening up the opportunities in your life for you to feel the bliss.

*Choosing not to step into sex or to allow your partner to ravish you
*Choosing not to ravish YOURSELF
*Choosing to focus more on your responsibility and less on what you want and desire
*Choosing to disconnect from the present moment
*Choosing not to take the time to be silent…breathe… and connect with the divine sexual energy that is dormant within.
*Choosing to not see the orgasm in the little moments in your life

It takes action. It takes stepping out there and not just doing the “work” but doing the play. It is going to require you to dig down deep and see all the places that you are holding yourself back from the bliss and desire.

Where you aren’t opening the door but instead have not just closed the door but instead have….

Double locked it… with the chain… and thrown some furniture in front of the door that leads to your bliss!

Where you are not truly connecting your heart and soul to the energy and allowing it to pull up your spine and crack your true light open.

Your light and your desire could set this world on fire but yet you dim. You dim for others. You dim out of fear. You dim out of fear of burning up in your desire.

But darling…

What you haven’t leaned into yet is that you are like a phoenix.
Yes!!! The old you will burn up in your own flames but from those flames will develop a new self. A more colorful, vibrant, and authentic self.

But first you have to step into your fires.
Take the chance…
And burn bright!


Addison B.

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