In 2020 I want a better body
In 2020 I want more money
In 2020 I want better health
In 2020 I want a romantic relationship

It’s that time of year again…
And this year it is even more intense since we are entering a decade. Making lists and resolutions of all the things we want to call into the New Year.

Which is beautiful with all the intentions and desires.
Though what isn’t on many peoples radar is that in order to create that orgasmic life that we are all searching for, our focus for the coming year needs to be on the internal changes we are going to choose to make and step into.

It’s all fine and dandy that you want a new relationship but have you done the work on yourself to expand out into the person you need to be in order to call in that lover?

Have you changed your money mindset in order to magnetize the upscaled finances?

Have you done the deeper emotional work to move through your health issues for good or are you skipping that and hoping that your body will release without you fully stepping in?

If you want a leaner body then have you looked at the emotions that have you holding weight and not loving your body into health?

I have been hearing the desires of my clients, friends, and family recently but there is a lack of wanting to do the behind the scenes work to call-in what they desire.

I have had multiple consults the last month where people have truly been hungering for a better life and more abundance. Though they have diminished the need to do the inner work and have not wanted to invest the time, money, and energy in the most important element… THEMSELVES!

When we aren’t consistently doing the inner work then we are fighting against the natural flow of our desires. We are attempting to upscale our life but the foundation can’t sustain. This is why we see things come into our lives and quickly leave.

Maybe getting just a taste of what we desire but not holding in that energy. Not truly sustaining the things we are wanting from a wholehearted place.

And it’s not that we CAN’T have our desires.
It’s simply that we aren’t getting aligned to the desires.
We aren’t clearing the beliefs, the holdbacks, and the energies that have kept us in the energy of not having something.

We want what we want…
But we don’t want to look ourselves in the mirror and then dig deeper into what we see and find.

We often think the movement is in the action taking when most of our essential growth and expansion in our energies come from the soul connection.

Only then can we align with our soul goals
Only then will the action taking piece become more fluid
Only then will our next obvious step appear

So I ask you this week before we enter a new year and new . decade.

Are you working on yourself inner game
Or are you glossing over the inner shifts while expecting deep rewards that can’t come without the internal shifts?

Wishing you an Orgasmic Start to your New Year!

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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